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[Analysis] Joji – Glimpse of Us by Jova Musique - Pianella Piano

Over the years, there has been a growing trend of YouTubers, transitioning from creating video content to entering the music industry. Many YouTubers have found success as musicians, including Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes and Joji (formerly known as Filthy Frank). This shift highlights the diverse talents of content creators, and how they can leverage their platform and creativity to peruse multiple creative avenues. Now Joji’s song Glimpse of Us has covers back on YouTube, Pianella Piano’s piano cover is definitely worth checking out.

From Filthy Frank to Chart-Topping Koji: The Rise of a Multitalented Artist

Joji born on September 18, 1992; is the stage name of the Japanese-Australian singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer George Kusunoki Miller. Je first gained fame as a YouTuber under the pseudonym ‘Filthy Frank’ where he created comedic and satirical content. In 2017, he transitioned to music and released his debut single ‘Will He’ under Joji, which received widespread critical acclaim.

Joji MyMusicSheet

Since then, Joji has become one of the most popular and successful musicians in the alternative R&B and lo-fi hip-hop genres. His music is characterized by its introspective lyrics, atmospheric production, and smooth vocals. He has released two studio albums, ‘Ballads 1’ (2018) and ‘Nectar’ (2020), both of which have been well-received by audiences and critics alike. Joji’s music has been praised for its unique sound, blending elements of R&B, hip-hop and lo-fi music into a distinct style that sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

Joji’s Glimpse of Us: The Song The Conquered the World and Won Our Hearts

Glimpse of Us’ is a song by Joji, which was released in 2022 as his lead single from his third studio album ‘Smithereens’ through 88rising and Warner Records. The song features a melancholic melody with soft guitar and piano instrumentation, baked by atmospheric production that sets the mood for Joji’s introspective lyrics. The song reflects, Joji compares his present relationship to the connection he felt with a previous lover, unable to forget the sensations he experienced while being with his current partner. Joji sings about wanting to see a glimpse of his past relationship with his current one, meaning he is still missing her.

Critics have praised the song for its emotional depth and the raw vulnerable lyrics that Joji delivers. The song has around 50 million views on YouTube and 800 million views on Spotify. Glimpse of Us broke a number of records after its release. It was the first Asian artist’s song to reach number one on Spotify’s Global list, where it remained for around 10 days. With the debut in the tenth position on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also topped the singles charts in New Zealand and Australia, marking Joji’s first number-one hit. Because Joji is half-Australian on his father’s side, the song was nominated for the Song of the Year at the ARIA Awards 2022 in Australia. It was ranked 1 in Indonesia Billboard, Malaysia International RIM, New Zealand Recorded Music NZ and Singapore RIAS.

Glimpse of Us by Joji

The song has been described as a standout and a highlight of Jiji’s musical career. With its moving melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics, the song has touched the hearts of many fans and solidified Joji’s reputation as one of the most talented and innovative artists in the alternative R&B genre. The song is released on Joji's official YouTube page on June 10, 2022, and has over 42 million views.


Glimpse of Us

Lead Single from Album 'Smithereens'

- Artist: Joji

- Release Date: June 10, 2022

- Format: Single

- Label: 88rising, Warner

- Producer: Connor McDonough

- Songwriter(s): Alexis Kesselman, Castle, Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough

- Genre: R&B soul, Alternative Indie/POP

- Key: Ab major

- Length: 3'53"


Key of the Original Song

The song has average chord complexity as an average song. Glimpse of us has higher complexity in Chord's bass melody than an average song. The key of the song is A-flat major or Ab major with the chords as B-flat minor7, E-flat 7, A-flat major and F minor. The pace of the song is about 167 BPM. An A-flat major key is used for a slow moment for most C minor songs as Beethoven chose the same. Ab major is a very peaceful key with the relative key being F minor and the Parallel key being Ab minor.

Experience the Magic of Pianella Piano: A Talented Indonesian Pianist and Composer on YouTube

Pianella Piano is an Indonesian musician-pianist, who posts regularly on YouTube to platform their piano covers. Pianella Piano joined YouTube on June 30, 2010. In July 2019, Pianella Piano is presented by Jova Musique. Formed in 2009 Jova Musique is a music entertainment that provides countless music concepts in Band, Acoustic, Jazz, Jazz Instrumental, Sting Quartet and Orchestra. They have around 20 singers and 100 musicians.

Jova Musique – Pianella Piano does piano covers, mashups, medleys and compilations. With over 1.2 million subscribers and almost 250 million total views. They even do 3-8 Hands piano videos, Pop/classic meets Jazz and Piano Tutorials. They also have their own original music composition. MyMusicSheet has also covered a music analysis on Pianella Piano’s JVKE’s Golden Hour cover, you can check it out here.

Pianella Piano's most popular video is on TONES AND I – Dance Monkey | Piano Cover by Pianella Piano which has 11 million views posted 3 years ago on December 2019. They have 5 channels in total including the said channel. The other 4 channels are Jova Musique – Pianella Piano -, Pianella Piano, Pianella Piano Karaoke and Pianella Piano – Topic. Jova Musique – Pianella Piano is a talented pianist and composer with beautiful melodies and is worth listening to the songs.

Jova Musique - Pianella Piano YouTube MyMusicSheet
Jova Musique - Pianella Piano YouTube Picture

Pianella Piano’s Glimpse of Us Cover Takes the Song to New Heights

The song is very popular and has many renditions, arrangements, and covers on different instruments may be violin or piano. One of the beautiful covers is by Pianella Piano. The video of the cover was posted on YouTube on the channel, on June 23, 2022, with more than half a million views. The video shows a piano played by Pianella Piano and there are falling lights edits made where the keys are played. This is made to show where the next key will be played, and if the key is played for a long time, there will be a long strip indicating the same. This is a very good way of learning piano by looking at the video, but having said that learning to read music sheets is the optimum way to learn an instrument, as in the long run it will be much better. One can start by learning by basics, then can go up with good determination and develop the skill. You can learn the basics here.

The song cover is in A flat major and F minor scale as key signature, along with a time signature of 6/8 (which means to count 6 eighth notes to each bar). The tempo of the is about 85 BMP. The video starts with a small introduction with the name of the channel. The song starts, with the introduction, of around 20 secs, a short melody line played twice going towards the lower octave and then the first verse starts.

Joji's Glimpse of Us cover by Pianella Piano

The first verse of the song starts off very similar to the original music by Joji. The tempo of the song is a bit higher than the original song. There are chords played by the right hand and a lot of individual keys are played by the right hand. Then the song dips to enter the chorus.

Chorus has a much higher beat and is played faster. There are more swift and faster hand movements. The irony is that even though the song is at a higher beat it doesn’t feel like a happy song, it still has an undertone of sadness which can be heard throughout the song. Then again the song takes a dip, and the speed is decreased as to enter the next phase is the second verse of the song.

The second verse starts again very similar to the original composition but around 1 minute and 46 seconds do add their own addition which is similar to Jazz Glissando or simply Jazz Gliss. Glissando is to slide or glide, meaning going from one pitch to another by gliding. Jazz Gliss is where the individual keys are played. The right hand plays the keys from the higher octave and comes to the lower. This is a very new take to the song, it adds colour and meaning to the music in the play. The keys are played at most perfection, it feels like the hands are dancing on the piano. Later in the same verse, there is another variation but this time it is played towards the higher octave by the right hand. Where the chords are played. Then with the smooth transition comes back to the song. This verse has again a variation, with a short sliding with the notes, then again jumping to the original composition. Adding a small arrangement with the left hand. Afterwards, the right hand plays the arrangement of the chord played by the left hand after playing the last section of the second verse.

Thenceforward comes to a chorus of the song, which is played more dramatically, playing the chords where the left hand is coordinated with the right hand and the effect of the playing chords with higher and lower octaves enhances the dept of the chorus making it elevated and multi-dimensional. It has got much favour yet it is holding the original composition of the song. The chorus is much more induced in the song that it goes high and then drops to enter and transition to the bridge of the song.

Here the bridge starts with the left hand, it starts to build the tension with the higher tempo, with the quick and swift hand movements that are played on the keys. For almost 20 seconds, there is a start of the tension building which is an added variation to the song and then slowly releasing the tension. This is beautifully played by the pianist; it looks so effortlessly lovely and the hand movements are just to perfection. There is a nice push towards the climax of the song.

Finally, the chorus, the final and the climax of the song. This is much softer than the last chorus. This chorus starts soothing, in a decreased tempo, very close to the original song. Then Pianella Piano again adds a small addition with the left hand. This has added a layer of depth and makes it a much more stand-alone song. The song is at its finale, where it is played slowly, playing chords to end the outro. The video ends by fading back, where all notes and keys are played and the listeners come back to reality. The song is an overall experience. You feel the music beats yet you feel a tad bit of sadness, there is an undercurrent of the feeling of melancholy. Audiences want to hear more, and with the knowledge of the original song and the unknown addition by the pianist, it is truly an experience to listen to and play this song. This is one of the best covers of the song- Glimpse of us.

In conclusion, Joji’s transition from Filthy Frank to a successful musician, and his hit song Glimpse of US, has proven to be a testament to his talents and versatility as an artist. The song’s emotional depth and beautiful composition have touched the hearts of millions and set a new record for Asian artists on global music platforms. Pianella Piano, a talented Indonesian pianist, has also covered the song and their version is worth checking out. As content creators continue to explore multiple creative avenues and platforms, the music industry will continue to attract a diverse range of talent, from all corners of the world. You can buy the music sheet for the song Glimpse of us by Pianella Piano here.

If you like this song or any other song, there are many more music sheets you can find on MyMusicSheet or

Until next time, Happy Music!

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