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[Analysis] RADWIMPS - Sky Over Tokyo by THIS IS PIANO

The creative partnership between Makoto Shinkai and RADWIMPS has proven to be a recipe for success time and again. Whether you're an avid anime enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, there's no doubt that you'll fall in love with the stunning animation and captivating music. One song in particular, "Sky over Tokyo," has become a fan favourite, and now, with the mesmerizing cover by THIS IS PIANO, it has been given new life. If you're looking for a fresh and exciting experience, be sure to check it out here!

Unlock the Mysteries of Suzume no tojimari: Makoto Shinkai's Latest Anime Masterpiece

Suzume No Tojimari Movie Poster MyMusicSheet
Suzume No Tojimari

Makoto Shinkai is back with his latest anime movie, Suzume no tojimari (Suzume’s Locking-Up), a captivating tale about a 17-year-old girl named Suzume and her journey to save the world from calamity. Suzume is a unique character, drawn to the power of doors and their ability to keep out the dangers on the other side. When a mysterious young man shows up in her life, also on the hunt for doors, the two set out on a journey to close them all and save the world from destruction.

With its stunning visuals and intricate storyline, Suzume no tojimari promises to be a true masterpiece of anime cinema. Makoto Shinkai's reputation as one of the most talented anime directors and writers precedes him, with his previous works including the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film, Your Name.

RADWIMPS' Unique Sound: A Perfect Fit for Suzume's Adventure

But, a great anime movie isn't complete without an equally fantastic soundtrack. This time, the music of RADWIMPS, a versatile rock band from Kanagawa, Japan, will set the tone for Suzume's adventure. Known for their unique sound this Japanese trio band, Yojiro Noda as vocalist, guitar and piano, Akira Kuwahara on guitar and Yusuke Takeda on bass; blends alternative rock, indie rock, rap rock, and emo, the band has been making music since 2003 and has won over fans with their catchy tunes.


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Join the Growing Community of THIS IS PIANO Fans

RADWIMPS has also gained recognition for contributing to the soundtracks of previous Makoto Shinkai films, including Your Name and Weathering with You. Fans of the band can expect a new set of mesmerizing tracks that will undoubtedly add depth and emotion to Suzume's story. As there was eagerly awaiting the release of Suzume no tojimari in November 2022, fans of anime and rock music alike can anticipate a captivating adventure that will take them on a journey of discovery, self-discovery, and the power of doors to save the world from calamity.

Sky Over Tokyo by RADWIMPS


Sky Over Tokyo

from Single From 'Suzume no Tojimari' theme song すずめの戸締まり

Sky Over Tokyo Poster MyMusicSheet
Sky Over Tokyo Poster

- Artist: RADWIMPS

- Released: November 10, 2022

- Lyrist: Yojiro Noda

- Label: voque ting co.,ltd.

- Genre: Anime, J-Pop

- Key: D minor

- Length: 4'15"


Join the Growing Community of THIS IS PIANO Fans

Are you a fan of piano covers and looking for a new musician to add to your playlist? Look no further than THIS IS PIANO, a talented South Korean pianist and budding YouTuber who joined the platform on Dec 1, 2021. Despite being relatively new to the platform, THIS IS PIANO has already amassed an impressive 6.62 thousand subscribers and more than 2 million total views.

One of the things that set THIS IS PIANO apart from other piano YouTubers is their diverse range of content. From classical music to game soundtracks, and even covers of popular KPOP, JPOP, and CPOP songs, with 237 videos THIS IS PIANO offers something for everyone and the channel is uploading regularly. They even have simplified versions of some songs, making it easier for beginners to learn.

If you're looking for a starting point, check out THIS IS PIANO's most viewed video, a beautiful piano cover of 'Chasing Kou' from the Japanese movie Drowning Love. Titled 'Drowning Love (溺れるナイフ) | Chasing Kou | Piano Cover,' this video has already garnered almost half a million views.

THIS IS PIANO YouTube Profile Picture MyMusicSheet Piano
THIS IS PIANO YouTube Profile Picture

But THIS IS PIANO isn't just about creating beautiful piano covers. They're also passionate about helping others learn and improve their own musical abilities. On their YouTube channel, they feature falling lights that add an extra layer of enjoyment for those who want to listen along. But for those who want to learn, with this, we also recommend starting learning music with sheet music.

Learning to read sheet music can be intimidating, but we believe that with a little bit of passion and dedication, anyone can learn. They even offer resources for beginners to start their musical journey, with tips and tricks to help you along the way. So whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, MyMusicSheet has something to offer.

Sky Over Tokyo Cover by THIS IS PIANO

A Piano Masterpiece: THIS IS PIANO's Rendition of Sky over Tokyo

Suzume is taking the world by storm and the OSTs are no less. Its 29 songs are all massive hits, one of them being Sky over Tokyo (東京上空) posted on March 23, 2023. With so many amazing works and covers, THIS IS PIANO did a cover of this song as well. The song is in D minor key signature with a 4/4-time signature. The original song is in a higher tempo with 114 BPM as compared to THIS IS PIANO’s version where they played the song at 58 BPM. D minor is used in songs where there is an emotion of seriousness, despair, piousness and ruminating is expressed. Which is clearly expressed in the movie through this song. The feeling of helplessness against the thing that Suzume is fighting to save her Tokyo, to save her world. You can hear it in this instrumental piece through RADWIMPS and THIS IS PIANO’s very well.

The song starts off with the intro music, where the introduction piece is played seven times. In THIS IS PIANO’s version it starts off softly. Where the initial four times the section is played is the same. Where the right hand is playing the piano. Then after twenty seconds for another ten seconds the intro shifts to the right side of the piano. A similar tone is played but much more difficult chords are played. After playing that once, the next is repeated at a bit lower tone. Then with a Gliss, the intro ended.

Gliss or Glissando is like arpeggio, the keys are played one after another successively; a smoother glide. Where in the original song there is a choir, which is sounding distressed for some ten seconds and then there are eight beats of similar music played for a minute and thirty-nine seconds. This part in THIS IS PIANO is played as a choir part without the added instrument again eight times the similar music is repeated, so THIS IS PIANO after the Gliss plays the tune, which is similar to the original music for four times, which is where the left hand is usually playing a long two keys where are right hand is playing the notes. Both hands are adding layers of depth to the song. After being played, then in forty-seven seconds, the next four are played. These in THIS IS PIANO’s song are played in the form of chords played for a longer time. This even slows the song down for a bit. The last time is played on a bit different note than the previous. Right-hand plays the final chords from the right-hand side of the piano.

Now, in the original music, there are instruments being played, along with the voice, for the right times this rhythm is repeated. THIS IS PIANO’s takes this piece and makes minor changes. They also play this at the right times. With this part, the tempo of the song is slightly increased. The right hand is playing the keys relatively constantly as compared to the left hand where there are some keys on the far left of the piano which is played. After four-time, there is a small Gliss played by the right hand going towards the right side of the piano. This gives a small chime effect, which is magical to listen to. There are again four similar rhythms. And then there is the final one which is a bit different.

Then after that in the original song, there is a short dip in the music and the song again picks up with a seven-times similar rhythm of the music playing in the background with some choir. After two times there is a short introduction of another instrument layered for the next two times. And then finally for the last three times, there is the added layer for the whole piece of beats. This builds an atmosphere of tension and chaos. In THIS IS PIANO in a minute and thirty-six seconds, they start playing the song where their right hand is playing keys where pressing them for a short duration and then adding their left hand playing closely with each other. As in the original, there is added layer of instrumentation, the next keys tempo is increased and the time between pressing a key is also decreased. The right hand is playing the notes much more swiftly. And for the last part, where the added instrument stays for a longer time, the left hand also plays the chords more swiftly, towards the left side of the piano, giving the effect of the original. THIS IS PIANO does an excellent job here, through piano, the audience can feel the same uneasy, restless, chaotic feeling that the original song's atmosphere.

After the original song, there is a short part where the song increased tempo and music, and then there is an abrupt silence for a second or two. This is THIS IS PIANO comes just in the middle of the song, where the whole song is moved towards the left side of the piano. Both hands are playing the same two-finger chords, one conservative octave. And then after ten seconds, the right hand comes towards the middle piano and plays the three-finger chords. Which is finished by the right hand’s continued chord playing for a longer time, and the left hand’s pinkie fingers key playing on repeat for a shorter time. There is a second of silence on the piano in two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Then the middle chuck which was the chorus of the song is repeated. Starting off it started as the part we have heard, and then for the following one only the right hand is playing and the left-hand stops playing the song. And then in that piece itself, the left hand again joins. This effect gives the listener the having and losing the added layer, which is very skillfully added by THIS IS PIANO. Then at the mark of two minutes and thirty-two seconds, where the left-hand plays the same two-finger notes, the right hand is playing notes. This part is extremely beautiful to listen to. As in the original as well, even though the song isn’t moving too fast but it is fast enough to feel the feeling of restlessness. Through this part, THIS IS PIANO has covered the song very adequately.

In two minutes and fifty-one seconds, the song tempo is decreased a bit and the bridge of the song has come. Where the right hand is playing the chords, the right hand is adding to this and playing chords for a short duration. This is adding mysterious vibe to the song. In between, there is a short tune added and a similar tune is played. Then it will end with the again silence for a second.

Then there is the final time chorus is played. This is played slowly, and there are gaps taken between each time it is played. After being played four times, the left-hand play a chord for a long time, whereas the right hand plays the chorus on repeat. Then there is a little variation here and there in between, and the song. In the original song, the song ends still on a high note, and there is abrupt silence. Again, building the mystery as to what happened next is still unknown. THIS IS PIANO also ended the song in a similar manner, where the right hand just finished the repetitive part of the song and the left hand had two keys alternatively. There is still a need to know what happened next, was the result of this good or bad?

After the silence for a few seconds, there is a short end to the song. It is played slowly, an end to the turmoil. THIS IS PIANO plays a few final keys ending the song with the final notes being played for a long time and finally a key.

This song is a true masterpiece and has gained immense popularity across the globe for good reason. Its captivating melody and intriguing lyrics make for an unforgettable listening experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Be sure to catch the highly-anticipated movie, Suzume, to see how the story unfolds alongside the mesmerizing soundtrack. And let's not forget about the breathtaking cover by THIS IS PIANO, which adds its own creative touch to make the song even more special. If you're as hooked on the song as we are, we highly recommend purchasing the sheet music and learning to play it yourself. Don't miss out on this incredible musical journey!

If you love this arrangement, you can check the arrangement here. There are other THIS IS PIANO arrangements which are definitely worth checking out.

If you like this song or any other song, there are many more sheet music you can find on MyMusicSheet or

Until next time, Happy Music!


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