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Exploring Ayumu Imazu's Music through the Art of Arrangement

Ayumu Imazu


While people are trying to find a new voice that can add a sensational style of music to their listening, here is an amazing rising singer who will add extra happiness to your music playlists! Ayumu Imazu, originally from Osaka, Japan, came to New York to pursue his dream and has been captivating in both the Japanese and American industries. He is well-known for his multi-talented artistry. Interestingly, he began dancing at age 6 and later studied in New York for over three years, starting at 14, to pursue a career in the arts. He is not only famous for his dance but also his music. Currently based in both the US and Japan, Imazu, a member of Generation Z, is recognized for his talents in songwriting, choreography, and dance. What makes him even more special in the industry is that he is fluent in both Japanese and English, which will ultimately be helpful for him to reach out to global fans more easily. According to his linguistic talent, he has released many songs in English, many of which have been praised by global fans for his talented songwriting skills. He continues to challenge himself, captivating audiences with his versatile skills and sweet voice. Imazu's music, characterized by straightforward yet emotive lyrics, resonates with listeners worldwide.

"Obsessed" by Ayumu Imazu

If anyone is following the TikTok trend, you might have noticed a song that went viral. This song, "Obsessed" by Ayumu Imazu, captured fans worldwide as it talks about the social struggles that many people could relate to. Especially if you keep having a hard time with your obsessively loved ones, you might resonate with this song in particular. It's a song about being really into someone and finding it hard to let go. The singer talks about how they keep getting attached to new people and falling in love quickly. They start the song by saying they need to move on from someone or something they've been holding onto for too long. Even though they try to distract themselves and keep busy, they end up meeting someone new who they really like. The singer wonders why they keep falling for people so easily and wishes they could break this cycle. The song shows how they struggle with feeling so strongly about someone and how they want to find a healthier way to handle their emotions. Unlike the lyrics, which talk about the difficulties of love, the song itself has an acoustic, upbeat sound. With the bright-colored, toned vocality, Ayumu Imazu managed to navigate the difficulties of love through the positive and upbeat style of the song.

Arrangement by THIS IS PIANO

Are you fully satisfied just by listening to music? If so, here's your great chance to immerse yourself in the music by actually playing, practicing, and going along with it! Many people would have desired to play this music themselves, but it is not easy to transcribe the music on your own. Fortunately, now we have many experts who have been offering great music sheets, arranging music to a level that everyone could simply follow along and play! This music has also been transcribed and rearranged into piano music. The amazing and talented YouTuber THIS IS PIANO uploaded the music, bringing the opportunity for you to practice and make it your own.

A fascinating thing about the arrangement is that THIS IS PIANO was able to keep the energetic and positive features of the original music while letting everyone join in regardless of their level of piano performance. If you follow along with the music sheet, you will eventually be able to absorb the musical traits naturally without having to put in extra effort.

One feature of the arrangement is that it gives variations through a wide range of pitches. By simply adding different pitch ranges, this arrangement effortlessly gives us a different layer of enjoyment while playing it. Starting with a simple one-layered melody with rhythmic-focused accompaniment, this arrangement effectively introduces the main melody. Not only does it offer the main melody, but it also gets exciting when it features upper-range embellishments. For example, at 00:20, there is almost like a call-and-response part where the right hand gives an answer to the main melody. This is a perfect example of how this arranger understands the idea of ranges, by not only using left-handed accompaniment but also freely going back between the melody and accompaniment in the right hand. Starting at 00:30, the arrangement shows variations of the melody by adding thickness to the melody. It not only naturally increases the dynamic but also provides varieties of ornaments. At 1:30, the arrangement goes back to a one-layered melody, which contrasts with the previous part. The highlight is around 1:40. As you can hear, the arrangement is really well done in providing a different range at this point. The main melody goes into the middle range, while the inner voice also features its own melody. This provides an interesting dynamic when it comes to adding the high notes of the melody later. Likewise, this arranger is indeed an expert in using different ranges at the perfect time, which will give you much more excitement when you are practicing it.

Furthermore, THIS IS PIANO's arrangement demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, evident in the nuanced phrasing and articulation of each musical phrase. The arrangement spans a wide range of dynamics, from gentle pianissimo passages to powerful fortissimo sections, lending the music a dynamic and urgent quality. Additionally, the arranger's use of pedal enhances the warmth and resonance of the sound, resulting in a rich sonic experience for the listener.


If you're looking to cultivate a new musical taste by playing the piano yourself, this music could be an ideal solution for you. If you're interested in keeping up with the trend, here are the sheets you may want to download! Why not start your own journey to make your life happier and more energetic? You won't regret exploring the rising music of the new generation!

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