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Piano Portraits: Exploring Canacana Family's Arrangement of Fujii Kaze's 'Hana'

Fukii Kaze's Hana


Amidst the pandemic, while many musicians were suffering from the closure of music venues, only a few selected musicians not only survived but also gained tremendous fame. New media was a new venue for musicians. In order to survive through the world of new media, such as Tik Tok and YouTube, musicians should show their ability to attract audiences within a second with their fabulous, addictive, but yet still artistic sense of music. One of a million, Fujii Kaze, is the exemplary singer from Japan. From the beginning of the debut, Fujii Kaze has dominated the Japanese music industry, primarily through his YouTube presence. His debut single "Nan-Nan" has gained tremendous attention from its originality that cannot be found in other musicians. This includes a versatile vocality while sometimes singing in his native Okayama dialect. This not only attracted Japanese music fans but also all over the world, which made Fujii Kaze sweep the global music industry. As mentioned earlier, this was possible through his ability to think creatively to overcome the pandemic struggles. Despite setbacks posed by tour cancellations amidst the pandemic, Fujii Kaze adeptly leveraged online platforms, particularly YouTube, to engage with his audience through live performances and music videos.


“Hana” from Fujii Kaze is an exemplary song that shows how musically talented he is. While the song itself sets in the rhythmic and positive energy, the melody shows a little bit of eerie-ness in it. It is slightly giving off a vibe that everything is repetitive and draining whilst the overall mood gives upbeat and energetic vibe. Why is that? When we look into the lyrics, it becomes clear that the song is not meant to be purely happy. It talks about ephemeral life of person, describing it as the life cycle of flower. As flower blooms and wither, so does human. The title of the song, hana, means flower in Japanese. For those who do not understand Japanese might have been confused why the song contains slightly eerie-ness in it, the lyric explains it so well. Not only melodies and lyrics, but his vocal also tells how bittersweet the life is. With his fantastical yet almost dismissive tone makes the perfect puzzle of the song. The minor melody with the vocal style contradicts with the rhythm of the song, which leads the song to the new phase of the music. Whether you have heard of his name or not, this music will entice you to the world of his music as it is such a unique and smoothing music that is hardly found.

Canacana Family's Arrangement

If you are already fan of his music, here we would love to give you an opportunity to breath with his music more closely. Why don’t you consider practicing his music on piano? A YouTuber Canacana Family successfully arranged this music into piano. When it comes to arrangement, piano is such an interesting instrument that allows you to both keep the originality but also puts extra layer into the music if you want. And this example proves how arrangers could give a new birth to music with a subtle change in arrangement. The most fantastic part of this arrangement is that it not only captures the original rhythmic essence but also includes own interpretation into arrangement in order to convey the mood more effectively. Shall we delve into the analysis?

The music starts with the original rhythm. It is such an important factor in the original music. It gives a little bit of jazzy vibe that contains the syncopation. It is not tricky as to play bossa nova. But it definitely has to be done carefully with keeping its original rhythm as it is the main essence in the music. And this arrangement cleverly starts with the rhythm in the left hand where many people could immediately make a connection with the music and the original one just in a second. While keeping the rhythm mainly in left hand, right hand starts the melody by keeping it simple. It again, is because the limitation of the rhythm. What I mean here is that if you embellish the melody so much, you will lose attention to the main rhythm. Again, it is one of the most important jobs that arrangers should consider. Which element should I shed a light on? In this case, as I mentioned several times, keeping rhythm should be considered as the most crucial part. The arranger did such a great job on this. While it is important to maintain the originality, Canacana did a little bit of variation in accompaniment. Largely, this music is divided into three sections. First section ends at 1:35. The second section contrasts with the variation of accompaniment in the left hand. Interestingly, while the first section focuses the rhythmic tension throughout it, the second section gives a new breath in music by introducing arpeggio. By changing the accompaniment a little bit, the music goes into the new mood. This variation serves a significant role in making people feel focused more into music. It is not interrupting, but rather feeling fresh and new. This was short. But, it is essential in the arrangement. This leads the final section of the music more contrasting which makes people not feeling bored.


It is always important to note that finding a perfect arrangement is the most hardest part when it comes to play the favorite music by yourself. It should not interrupt the originality yet gives new vibe which will lead you to the new musical experience. The music example that we provided here, is interesting and a perfect example that you might want to keep an eye on. Both Fujii Kaze and Canacana’s arrangement will give you the fresh and happy experience in your musical life. Here is the music sheet of the arrangement of the song! How about click the link and find yourself in such an amazing world of music?

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