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Soundtrack for Pulp Fiction : 'Misirlou' and its Guitar Tab


'Misirlou', a tune that predates the rock 'n' roll era, has a fascinating history. The song, originally an Eastern Mediterranean folk tune, was popularized in the Western world by none other than the 'King of the Surf Guitar', Dick Dale.

<The original Misirlou - Μισιρλού>

Dick Dale, born Richard Anthony Monsour, breathed new life into this traditional tune, turning it into a guitar-driven surf rock anthem. His version of 'Misirlou' gained iconic status, being forever etched into the annals of pop culture history through its inclusion in the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction'. In fact, the 'Misirlou' guitar tab became an essential piece of knowledge for every guitar enthusiast around the world.

Dale, a Guitar Maestro: In the Spotlight of Every Online Guitar Store

Renowned for his blistering speed and unique playing style, Dick Dale didn't just play music - he attacked it. His groundbreaking use of reverb and unconventional picking technique revolutionized the way guitar music was played and heard. His style was so influential that any online guitar store selling Fender Stratocasters often highlighted his role in popularizing the instrument. Dale's journey with 'Misirlou' began when he took an interest in his family's Eastern European and Middle Eastern musical heritage. He started experimenting with these sounds, trying to replicate them on his Fender Stratocaster, ultimately leading to his rendition of 'Misirlou'.

'Misirlou': From the Shores of the Mediterranean to Tarantino's Italy

The original tune of 'Misirlou' is steeped in the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. The song was known in various forms across Greece, Turkey, and the Arab world, and its title, 'Misirlou', translates to 'Egyptian' in English. Dick Dale's interpretation transformed 'Misirlou' from a traditional melody into a pulsating surf rock tune. The lightning-fast tremolo picking, a signature element of his playing style, gave the song a frenetic energy that captivated audiences. Quentin Tarantino, known for his eclectic soundtracks, chose 'Misirlou' as the opening track for his 1994 film 'Pulp Fiction'.

<Dick Dale - Misirlou, Pulp Fiction opener>

The song's raw energy and frantic pace perfectly encapsulated the film's edgy, stylized aesthetic. The film's international success, including its massive popularity in Italy, cemented 'Misirlou's' place in pop culture.

Learning 'Misirlou': Guitar Tab and Practice

For those eager to master 'Misirlou', acquiring the guitar tab online is the first step. Websites like MyMusicSheet offer comprehensive sheet music for countless songs, including 'Misirlou'. The platform is not only a treasure trove for learners but also an excellent space for artists looking to sell their sheet music online. Aspiring musicians, whether they're learning to play 'Misirlou' or selling their original sheet music online, are part of a global community keeping the legacy of great music alive. By doing so, they ensure that the transformative power of music, as demonstrated by the journey of 'Misirlou', continues to touch hearts worldwide. One of the most influential guitarist on YouTube, Kfir Ochaion, also participated the stream for the grate music alive. Check out the video below to watch his performance for 'Misirlou'

<Kfir Ochaion - Misirlou cover performance>

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