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Why MyMusicSheet is the Best Platform to Sell Your Sheet Music Online

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Enter MyMusicSheet, the game-changer for musicians and educators navigating the digital landscape of selling sheet music. This platform goes beyond traditional avenues, providing an effortless space to upload, manage, and market compositions globally. MyMusicSheet isn't just about selling sheet music; it's a dynamic force empowering artists with monetization flexibility, data insights, and dedicated support, revolutionizing how musicians approach online sales in the digital age.

Start the new musical journey as how to become a seller on MyMusicSheet!

Global Reach and Audience Engagement

MyMusicSheet's influence spans the globe, resonating with a diverse audience of musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. Boasting over 800,000 monthly active users and catering to more than 150 service countries, the platform provides a vast stage for composers and songwriters to showcase their work. Supporting 20 in-site languages, 50 currencies, and over 15 payment methods, MyMusicSheet ensures a seamless and inclusive experience, fostering a wider reach and increased sheet music sales.

Remarkably, the platform's dynamic user engagement facilitates rapid sales, with artists often experiencing their first sale within just five hours of uploading their creations.

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Monetization Options for Artists

MyMusicSheet understands the value of time and financial independence for artists.

  • Instant Payout : Offering an instant payout feature, artists can choose from a range of payout options, spanning daily to annually, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting periods.

  • Payout options : Unlike other platforms, MyMusicSheet provides versatile payout methods, including support for Payoneer and direct bank deposits besides PayPal.

  • Profit split: With a profit split that awards artists 75% of net profits and up to 90% from rewards, the platform is committed to ensuring artists receive their fair share for their creative endeavors.

Efficient Sales Management Tools

Upon becoming a registered seller, artists gain access to the Artist Center, a hub for real-time sales data and customer insights. This includes information on customer demographics, follower data, trending sheet music keywords, and more.

MyMusicSheet goes beyond conventional platforms, offering features such as bulk uploads for up to 150 sheet music pieces at once and a sheet music request feature that allows fans to suggest and purchase desired compositions. These artist-centric features empower creators to make informed decisions and strategically navigate the landscape of online sheet music sales.


In the realm of online sheet music sales, MyMusicSheet stands tall as the premier platform, combining global reach, comprehensive monetization options, and efficient sales management tools. Whether you are a seasoned composer or an emerging talent, MyMusicSheet is the key to unlocking your potential and maximizing your earnings.

Visit the Artist Onboarding Page to embark on a transformative journey with MyMusicSheet today.

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Over 100,000 sheets with various songs and instruments, and 15 different local payment methods, MyMusicSheet provides the most convenient platform service for those of you who love music.


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