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물결 모양의 추상 배경

We connect musicians and fans.

MyMusicSheet is Asia's largest music content platform, designed to help musicians and fans freely communicate and legally share their music. We believe that great creative work can be sustained only when the rights of musicians are enhanced and protected so that their livelihoods are preserved. 

We are dedicated to doing our best to build an environment where people are able to use copyrighted works with the knowledge that they are equitably credited and thoroughly secured. This reflects our strong belidf - that the rewarding of musicians fairly is an endeavor most worthwhile. All of this is done in the hope that fairness, would encourage those who capture the beauty of our world, would continue to do so through the beauty of their craft.

MyMusicSheet pursues its art with the same demanding expectation that artists demand of themselves, all with the goal to develop a convenient and global payment optimized music content platform.​ With MyMusicSheet service, artists can focus less on the administrative and economic complexities of monetization, and instead direct their attention and focus on the things that matter - creating and developing their music. 

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