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More Music Book, More Money!

Are your music sales underperforming? If you're struggling to boost sales for your sheet music and tabs, consider MyMusicSheet's features. Many sellers miss out on potential sales opportunities, impacting their profits.

Don't overlook the benefits of MyMusicSheet – we have valuable tips to help optimize your engagement and enhance your results.

Bundle your single sheet music into music book!

Upon entering the "Artist Center" and selecting the "+ Post" option, you will be presented with a range of choices regarding the type of products you wish to sell. It has been observed that a majority of users opt to initiate the process by choosing to sell a single sheet music.

choice to select the type of products to sell

However, were you aware that bundling sheet music and offering them as a music book can yield a more favorable economic impact compared to selling a single sheet music?

How a single sheet music can be bundled into different music book

<Example of how a single sheet music can be bundled into different music book>

Please review the attached image illustrating the bundling of a single sheet music of 'Symphony No. 40' into various music books such as 'Mozart Collection,' 'Historic Symphony Collection,' and 'Collection of Bach | Beethoven | Mozart.'

Based on MyMusicSheet's internal data, the decision to sell a single sheet music as part of a collection comprising two or more music books yields several advantageous outcomes when compared to selling individual sheet music items. These outcomes include:

  1. An 11% increase in average monthly revenue following the creation of 2 or more music books.

  2. 8% more site impressions for music books compared to single sheet music.

Are you surprised by the number?

The data strongly underscores that the creation of music books on MyMusicSheet offers sellers and artists significantly greater economic benefits than the sale of individual sheet music.

If you possess a diverse catalog of sheet music under a common theme, such as soundtracks for dramas, films, animations, or compositions by a specific musician, as well as seasonal collections, we encourage you to promptly bundle each sheet music piece into music books whenever possible. This strategic approach is poised to generate a considerable upside in revenue for your sales performance on MyMusicSheet.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive impact on your performance!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

MyMusicSheet team

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