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A Game Changer? History of YG and BabyMonster

Debut of BabyMonster and their challenges


Teddy, the most influential K-pop composer of the past two decades, has left YG Entertainment. He was considered a significant contributor to the global success of Blackpink, as his compositions garnered attention worldwide. Teddy was known for his hip-hop-based compositions, which aligned with YG Entertainment's musical style. From Big Bang to 2NE1 and even before the second generation of K-pop, Teddy had a foundational influence on the K-pop scene. Many people have expressed concerns about his departure from YG Entertainment, fearing that it might lead to the decline of the company.

BabyMonster, the next generation of YG Entertainment's girl group, has had to face the challenge of Teddy's absence from the very beginning. There was controversy surrounding whether the group would succeed or not. While Blackpink's outstanding global success might have seemed to support the next generation, it also placed pressure on BabyMonster, as the senior group had achieved tremendous success. They were under scrutiny and debate about their potential for success from the outset.


Moreso, the group faced a significant setback when their most popular member, Ahyeon, had to depart due to health issues. Ahyeon had already gained fame among K-pop fans, and many had high hopes for her as a future sensational idol. She was expected to play a pivotal role in promoting the group and was seen as a potential driving force for their success. However, with her departure, many fans' expectations were left unfulfilled, and skepticism arose about the group's future. The absence of Ahyeon was undoubtedly a challenge for BabyMonster, as they had to debut without a member who had already made a significant impression in the K-pop industry. Despite this setback, the remaining members of BabyMonster continued to work hard and strive for success, determined to prove their potential in the industry.


Furthermore, the recent K-pop scene has been dominated by NewJeans, who release music that is quite different from YG's signature hip-hop style. For instance, NewJeans' comfortable and relaxing music has been praised for changing the K-pop landscape from a hip-hop focus to a more laid-back sound. This shift could be seen as an additional challenge for BabyMonster, as YG Entertainment is known for its strong hip-hop beats. In this evolving landscape, can BabyMonster successfully become a game changer in the K-pop industry?

Despite these challenges, it's evident that their debut has garnered significant attention. They've already achieved success on various platforms, including YouTube and Spotify. They reached the top spot on iTunes charts in 20 different countries. Could this be a sign of their potential dominance in the K-pop scene and beyond? What sets them apart and enables them to overcome initial barriers, such as the absence of Teddy, the pressure stemming from the senior group's success, departure of the member, and the different musical taste? How did they successfully debut with all of these pressures? This blog will delve into an analysis of BabyMonster, in order to understand their potentials and why they achieve the early success.

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History of YG groups and BabyMonster's potential?

While Ahyeon is temporarily on hiatus due to health reasons, the remaining members shine brightly. Here is the brief introduction of each member.

Ruka, a Japanese member with exceptional dancing skills and multilingual prowess, stands out alongside Pharita, a Thai vocalist and dancer who brings her unique personality and love for anime to the group. Asa, another Japanese member, adds her hip-hop dance skills and passion for music production to the mix. Rami, a model-like Korean vocalist and dancer, impresses with her curiosity and adaptability. Rora, an all-rounder who speaks multiple languages, contributes her versatility and bright aura. Chiquita, the group's youngest member from Thailand, captivates with her rapid growth and colorful personality.

With its exceptional members, BabyMonster introduced their debut single, “Batter Up.” For fans who have been following Blackpink for years, it's evident that this song follows a traditional YG Entertainment music style. From 2NE1 to BlackPink, YG Entertainment's groups have consistently built their success on a strong foundation of hip-hop-based music. 'Batter Up,' with its robust hip-hop sound, aligns with this well-established YG style. Not only in their music videos but also in their overall presentation, there are visual elements that may remind fans of BlackPink. While some may argue that this adherence to a familiar formula is repetitive, it's important to understand that this strategy is a hallmark of YG Entertainment. Big Bang, often seen as the 'role model' for YG idols, began their career with a hip-hop sound produced by Teddy. This paved the way for 2NE1's debut with a similar sound, during their era of K-pop dominance. Seven years later, BlackPink continued the tradition and quickly captured a global fanbase. Despite the similarity in musical tastes, which some might criticize, this formula has consistently succeeded, and BabyMonster is no exception.

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While initially, each group may have followed the musical style of their senior groups, they eventually found out their distinct musical identities. Take 2NE1, for instance; they were initially seen as the 'female BigBang group' at the start of their career. However, as time passed, they began to forge their unique musical path. Tracks like 'Ugly,' 'Hate You,' and 'Lonely,' released toward the end of their tenure, garnered praise for their originality. In contrast, BlackPink's debut sparked controversy as their music bore similarities to 2NE1's. For example, BlackPink's 'As If It's Your Last' shared resemblances with 2NE1's music. Nevertheless, as BlackPink released more albums, they solidified their own identity as a respected group. Considering that BabyMonster has just started  their journey, even if their initial sound resembles BlackPink's, their exceptional talents and growing fame suggest that they will ultimately discover their unique musical voice.

Indeed, as a new YG girl group, BabyMonster faces considerable pressure at the beginning of their career. Despite the initial challenges, it will be fascinating to observe how they navigate and overcome these hurdles. In the coming years, we will witness their growth and development, and it will be exciting to see how they evolve as artists. I am positively anticipating their future in the music industry!

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