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[Analysis] Aimyon - Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka by Kuma Kim

Looking for a way to express your love to your significant other? Look no further than the beautiful song Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka by Aimyon. This touching ballad is the perfect way to convey your deepest feelings, and now you can learn to play it yourself thanks to the talented pianist Kuma Kim. With Kuma Kim's cover, you can learn to play this emotional song and make it your own. Not only will you be able to impress your loved one with your musical skills, but you'll also be able to communicate your love in a way that words alone can't capture. So why not take some time to learn Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka and share it with your loved one? With Kuma Kim's help, you'll be able to enjoy this beautiful song and make a lasting impression on the person you care about most.

Meet Aimyon: The Rising Japanese Singer-Songwriter Taking the Music World by Storm

Aimyon is a Japanese singer-songwriter born on March 6, 1995, in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

A girl wearing blue shirt and looking with green trees and green grass Aimyon MyMusicSheet

Her real name is Amy Miyamoto. Her stage name "Aimyon" was originally a moniker she was given by a friend who served as the inspiration for the song "Chan" on the album "Tamago."

Aimyon began writing songs and playing the guitar in her teens, and she started uploading her music to online platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud. She gained a following with her unique style of blending pop, rock, and folk influences with introspective and often humorous lyrics that explore themes such as love,

heartbreak, and social issues. In 2015, Aimyon made her major-label debut with the single ‘Anata Kaibou Jun’aika (Shine)’ from the album ‘Tamago.’ Since then, she has released several successful singles and albums, including ‘Excitement of Youth,’ ‘Falling into Your Eyes Record,’ and ‘Momentary Sixth Sense.’Aimyon has received critical acclaim for her music and has won several awards, including the “Excellence Album Award” award for the album Momentary Sixth Sense at the 61st Japan Record Awards in 2019. Also, the “Artist of the Year” Billboard Japan Music Awards in 2019, in 2022 ‘Falling into Your Eyes Record’ won “Album of the Year.”

Photo Credit: Billboard

Aimyon's "Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka": A Song About Love and Communication

愛を伝えたいだとか(Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka) is a song by the Japanese singer-songwriter Aimyon. It was released on September 11, 2017, as a single and is also included on her third studio album, “Excitement of Youth”

The song's title translates to "Did I Successfully Convey My Love?" and the lyrics explore the complexities of communication in relationships. Aimyon sings about the fear of being misunderstood and the struggle to express one's true feelings to a partner.

The song seems to be an expression of a lover's—or would-be lover's—burning resentment for another. It is more of a song about partially reciprocated love than it is about unrequited love. The song depicts the singer cursing, being sarcastic, and using sweet language towards the lover. The structure of the song reveals that this is more of an internal conflict that the singer is having while practising his or her lines than a discussion that is actually taking place between the characters.

The song features Aimyon's signature style of blending catchy pop melodies with introspective and heartfelt lyrics. It became a hit in Japan, peaking at 51st place on the Oricon weekly singles chart and also placing weekly 15th on Billboard Japan Hot 100.

The official song Ai Wo Tsutaeaidatoka


Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka

from the Album Excitement of Youth (青春のエキサイトメント)

a red background with many elements like red beats, leaves, wires, paint, hand Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Poster MyMusicSheet
Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Poster

- Artist: Aimyon

- Released: September 12, 2017

- Album: Excitement of Youth

- Lyrics/ Composer: Aimyon

- Arrangement: Kondo Takashi

- Genre: JPop

- Key: D Major

- Length: 3'55"


Discover the Musical Talents of Kuma Kim, A Rising Star

Meet Kuma Kim (김쿠마 kor. Kim Kuma), also known as Kuma Flang on YouTube - a talented Pianist based in South Korea. Kuma Kim has been sharing their love for music on YouTube since January 2017 and has since then amassed over 710 thousand total views and 2.5 thousand subscribers.

Yellow haired person with piano harmonica in hand cartoon Kuma Kim YouTube Picture MyMusicSheet
Kuma Kim YouTube Picture

What sets Kuma Kim apart is their unique way of titling their videos, which is both attractive and catchy. Kuma Kim's channel features covers of anime OP and ED songs, including popular titles like Spy X Family, Tokyo Revengers, and Sword Art Online. Kim's repertoire also includes Jpop songs such as Night Dancer by imase, Tipsy, and covers of bands like Official髭男dism.

One of Kuma Kim's most popular videos, with 121 thousand views, dates back to October 23, 2017, and features the pianist playing a "roll-up piano" in a video titled “[피아노] “롤업파아노” 를 구입해서 연주해보았다” (kor. [Piano] I bought a "roll-up piano" and tried playing it.). Kuma Kim's YouTube channel is constantly growing, with over 200 videos uploaded and new ones added regularly.

In addition to their YouTube channel, Kuma Kim also has a SoundCloud page where fans can enjoy even more of their musical talents. If you're a fan of anime and Jpop music, Kuma Kim's channel is definitely worth checking out.

Cover of Ai Wo Tsutaeaidatoka by Kuma Kim

Kuma Kim's Piano Cover of Aimyon's 'If You Want to Convey Your Love'

The song is peppy, cheerful and danceable; hence it has been famous all over the globe. One of the cool piano covers has been made by Kuma Kim and posted on YouTube on March 22nd 2022 and has more than ten thousand views. Kim titled the [Piano] 사랑을 전하고 싶다던가 - 아이묭 (악보) (kor. [Piano] If you want to convey your love - Aimyon (music score)) literal translation of Japanese song’s name to Korean. The original song is in D major key and Kim’s cover is in the key signature A major. The original song has a tempo of 100 BPM and Kim’s cover also has 100 BPM for the song. The song has a time signature of 4/4. The time duration of both songs is also different, the original song is three minutes and fifty-five seconds whereas Kim’s cover has two minutes.


The original song starts with the repeated beats seven times and then there is two times addition on the guitar then the song starts to the first verse. This takes ten seconds of the intro music, which is high in beat and hype. Kuma Kim also starts the song, where he doesn’t play the piano but there are beats playing seven times and the eighth time he plays the piano once before continuing into the verse. With the intro of the video, his intro part takes twelve seconds of the song.

Verse 1

Verse 1 starts with the lyrics and after verse 1 there is a small instrumental part and after that, there is a chorus. It takes around thirty seconds and a tiny three to four seconds of instrument playing in the original song. The lyrics are a day in the life, where the singer wakes up, wanting to hear ‘I love you’, doing mundane chores like opening curtains, and looking slightly out of place fridge but still everything is fine. But what doesn’t feel fine is fried egg bursting and the golden part flowing, then the singer makes balance for the time being today being hot and sour or even sweet. The singer is feeling all kinds of emotions and is affected by even the small things like the breaking of the yoke. Internally she is hyped whereas doing just normal chores.

Kuma Kim follows a very similar approach to the song. The song sounds happy and the beats are well-played. Kim also put the lyrics to the song in Japanese along with Korean translations to the song. It feels like his hands are also light and the song is dynamic there are many different keys and chords played. There is a lot of movement of the left hand as compared to the right hand. Kim also added a background of the beats of the original song so as to add to the atmosphere and to add to get the feel of the original song as much as possible. Kim’s verse ends at the forty-nine seconds mark and as soon as his verse ends he jumps to the chorus of the song.


In the original song where the singer is taking the song up a notch and singing at a higher pitch. Then again comes down a bit. Then at a minute and fourteen seconds the chorus is completed then there is again a small instrumental part for six seconds before starting the second verse of the song. The song lyrics is the singer thinking as to how the singer should express the love she has for the person she wrote this song to. Like she is spending her time thinking and coming up with cheesy phases and gradually sinking onto the couch and waiting for the person, and thinking if they will meet after the sunset in the evening. These things are happing in the singer’s head and coming up in the conversation between them.

The song is still feeling motivated and the singer is thinking of ways to express her love. We can hear this through Kim’s cover as well. Again, the left hand of the pianist is moving in a dynamic fashion. The music expresses the singer’s thoughts so falling and waiting to express her love, thinking, conflicting and waiting can be heard through the piano played. The lyrics end in Kim’s song at a minute and eighteen seconds and Kim’s hands come towards the extreme left side of the piano and play a small bit before going towards the second verse. There the lyrics and title of the song are written in the bigger letter in the video. Then the pianist is going back to the middle part of the piano. Then he repeats the song four times and then again plays with slight variation. After that Kim plays the divider and plays notes a bit more force and then proceeds to play the song. Once more he plays the part of the song, as he processes the song starts around a minute and forty-eight seconds. The song fully fades to black after four seconds and still seven seconds left to the two minutes and end of the video the song fully ends by Kuma Kim.

There is whole other half of the song is left with Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, a second Chorus and finally the Outro of the original song. The song then goes on a spiral as the singer then starts to doubt if the other person wants her love, she feels lonely and can’t contain her emotion. Tears start to fall; she doesn’t know what to do. So, she finally decides for the time being today she will end her day early and to bed then again she will dream about her love and feel dumb. She wants the next day to spend time just the two of them. This heartache is too much for her. She is so done with this and thinking of ways to be with them. So she wants to properly communicate her love to them. Being sick of this she is again now firmly thinking of coming off the cheesy line but communicating her love. Ending the song with the same question:

“Today, will I be able to see you by the time the sun goes down”

The song has strong lyrics and the bgm is adding well to the emotions that the singer wants to convey.

But Kim decided to end and make a short version of this song. The short version was also as amazing as the original and full would have been. The short and sweet version has also filled the appetite of the lovers of the song. We all still hope that he would release a full version as it would still amazing and wonderful as this one.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to express your love to your significant other, look no further than Aimyon's beautiful song Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka. With Kuma Kim's help, you can learn to play this touching song and make it your own. By taking the time to understand the lyrics and melody of Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka through analysis, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the song and increase your interest in both the song and sheet music. With Kuma Kim's expert guidance, you'll be able to master this emotional piece and communicate your love in a way that words alone can't capture. So why not take the first step and learn Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka today? Your loved one will surely appreciate the effort and thought you put into sharing this beautiful song with them.

If you love this arrangement, you can check the arrangement here. There are other Kuma Kim arrangements which are definitely worth checking out.

If you like this song or any other song, there are many more sheet music you can find on MyMusicSheet or

Until next time, Happy Music!

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