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[Analysis] JVKE – Golden Hour by Pianella Piano

TikTokers have been growing and their content creation has been rising to a new peak every day as we speak. They are working harder than ever to grab the audience’s attention in less than 20 seconds before we swipe to the next video. From dance to art to cooking to baking to skits to acting, you name it there is content made to cater for everyone. One of the Tiktoker started to show his musical talent through TikTok, it received a massive boom and many major music artists and labels recognized him and made his song on Billboard. This is about the song 'Golden Hour' which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 after debuting at number 71.

<JVKE’s 'Golden Hour' Official Video>

From TikTok to Billboard – Who is JVKE?

JVKE; pronounced as ‘Jake’ was born as Jacob Lawson started his journey in the Covid-19 lockdown where he made TikTok videos where he made skirts and recreated songs. In 2021, his video on Upside Down went viral on TikTok, which caught many people’s attention.

JVKE's YouTube Channel Picture

<JVKE's YouTube Channel Picture>

He was born in Rhode Island, USA on March 3rd 2001. He had a musical childhood because his mother is a music teacher. He used to play and write his songs for the church; as his father was a church pastor. His hit viral 15 sec TikTok song Upside Down got made a full song and caught Charlie Puth’s attention by that time Lawson had 3 viral videos with over 50 million views. Then rest his history. JVKE had his other non-album singles like Dandelion with artist Galantis and his album ‘This Is What ____ Feels Like (Vol. 1-4)’ in 2021. In 2022 his hit song ‘Golden Hour’ JVKE wrote himself, his first song that went to Billboard Charts receiving worldwide attention.

JVKE’s viral Golden Hour

JVKE released Golden Hour, a song he created and produced, as well as edited the music video, on July 15, 2022. It was his debut Billboard chart song, garnering him international acclaim and invitations to appear on television shows. He was also named the MTV Push Artist for October 2022. Following the song's release, MTV UK asked Lawson to perform it, which they did and posted on YouTube. In the United Kingdom (The UK Singles Chart), it peaked at number 36. As asked by MTV UK JVKE had to make the song video to be uploaded on YouTube. MTV Italia, for whom he also performed, recognized him as well. Official New Zealand and Music Chart had the song at 26. Whereas in the US, Golden Hour peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 after debuting at number 71. Just on YouTube, the song has over 26 million views in just 2 months of the posting of the official music video. There are open verse challenge and also a dance trend getting viral of the song track in TikTok as well as in YouTube shorts. More than 85 thousand people have used this music for their TikTok videos with around 170 million streams on Spotify.


golden hour album cover

Golden Hour

from the album 'this is what ____ feels like (Vol. 1-4)'

- Artist: JVKE

- Release date: July 15, 2022

- Label: AWAL

- Songwriter: JVKE

- Genre: Contemporary R&B

- Key: E Major

- BPM: 94

- Length: 3'29"


What is Golden Hour?

The song is about a love story. The feeling of love is well depicted through the lyrics and the music video.

JVKE said about the Golden Hour:

“This might just be my favourite song I’ve ever written. it feels like a pause in time, with all your attention on that special someone. the sun is shining… it’s your golden hour. I was inspired by Franz Liszt, an 1800s composer whose music I played when being classically trained in piano. his composition style heavily influenced the pianos in the production. I wanted to capture the emotion that you feel when you see something beautiful. that feeling is ‘golden hour.’”

The use of golden glitter throughout the music video resembles the falling of golden sun; hence the name golden hour. The golden time is the time spent with loved ones. The use of different string instruments and piano along with beautiful, meaningful lyrics makes you want to fall in love and to have a partner. The song has a danceable vibe with good energy.

Keys of the Golden Hour

The main key of the song is in E major with a BPM of 94. The song can be played in double-time in version 2 of 188 BPM. The song has a time signature of 3 beats per bar. The total length of the song is 3 mins and 28 secs.

Pianella Piano

Pianella Piano is an Indonesian pianist and YouTuber, who makes piano covers of worldwide songs along with different mashups, medleys, classical, and Jazz as well as with different piano tutorials also original compositions. Pianella Piano also have 4 hands- 8 hands piano covers such as the video titled ’70 BTS SONGS 7 HANDS 7 MINUTES 1 PIANO (1 Million Special)’. Pianella Piano do a piano video where the blocks fall to the keys, and the length of the keys determines, whether to press the key in the keyboard/ piano longer or shorter. So, the people who are especially new to learning piano know beforehand what the next keys are and are prepared for it. It is also better for knowing the hand movements to accurately learn and understand the songs. Even if one doesn’t know how to read a music sheet, people can follow. However, it is always best to learn to read music sheets as it will help in understanding the music much better and it will not just be blindly following the music but knowing what is happening and if necessary adding or deleting when creating our music.

Pianella Piano's YouTube Channel Picture

<Pianella Piano's YouTube Channel Picture>

They joined YouTube on June 30, 2010, with 1.24 million subscribers and over 240 million total views they debuted with the video titled The most popular video with 10 million views uploaded in Dec 2019 named ‘TONES AND I – Danced Monkey | Piano Cover by Pianella Piano’. From July 2019 Pianella Piano was presented by Jova Musique, hence the YouTube name is Jova Musique – Pianella Piano. Pianella Piano have some other channel on YouTube, a total of 4 channels including the main channel: Jova Musique - Pianella Piano where they upload their piano covers, The second channel: Pianella Piano provide and upload piano tutorials, the third channel Pianella Piano Karaoke the name says they do piano karaoke, jazz piano and lastly fourth channel: Jova Musique - Pianella Piano Topic for smooth piano.

Jova Musique – Pianella Piano’s Golden Hour Cover

This piano cover of the Golden Hour was uploaded on October 3rd 2022 and has already 1.2 million views. Pianella has kept its piano arrangement similar to the original song. With the tempo of 94 BPM in E major. The ballad and pop combination is what attracts piano learners.

<Pianella Piano’s Golden Hour Piano Arrangement |>

This arrangement is very good to learn also it is so perfect to play and sing at the same time. The cover of the song is absolutely beautiful, it brings out many emotions like happiness, emotion and love. Pianella Piano has a tremendous amount of skills as the fast and swift moments of the hand are very impressive. The song has a more complex chord progression which the song worth to listen. Arpeggios, meaning the pattern where the chords go up and down; is strikingly done by Pianella Piano. This New Years make a New Year resolution to learn an instrument. If want to start with the piano and love this song, just watch the video, grab the music sheet from and start playing. Play this song for your loved ones, sing along and it will make their day. As the lyrics say - it is your golden hour’, this is your Golden Hour also.


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