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"How Sweet": NewJean's New Song and its Arrangement


The evolving landscape of the K-pop scene has many candidates vying to lead the industry. While numerous idol groups have been discussed, some groups stand out with their ability to conquer not only the K-pop industry but also the global pop music scene. NewJeans is one of them. Unlike other idol groups that showcase a fabulous and colorful identity, NewJeans' strategy seems to be quite different. They are known for their unique blend of smooth, simple, yet incredibly addictive music. Based on hip-hop music, they feature a simple music style and smooth vocalization, which distinguishes them in the industry. Moreover, their soothing sound, which effortlessly blends catchy melodies with minimalist production, has quickly made a name for themselves. They offer a peaceful experience whenever you start listening to their music.

Unpacking "How Sweet"

One of NewJeans' standout songs, "How Sweet," is a perfect example of their musical identity. Released in 2024, it follows the musical language of NewJeans that has already proven to be the best. Their hip-hop-based music, which allows us to immerse in a Y2K style, seems similar yet adds multiple layers that give uniqueness to each song. This time, "How Sweet" is rooted in the vibrant sounds of Miami bass, taking listeners on a rhythmic journey that keeps them hooked from start to finish. But what exactly is Miami bass?

Miami bass is a subgenre of hip-hop music that originated in the mid-1980s in Miami, Florida. Characterized by its booming bass, uptempo beats, and often repetitive yet catchy lyrics, Miami bass brings an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. This genre's emphasis on bass and rhythm aligns seamlessly with NewJeans' approach to music – creating an upbeat melody that’s both simple and captivating.

In "How Sweet," NewJeans masterfully incorporates the essence of Miami bass into their sound. The song features an addictive verse and a consistent instrumental arrangement that keeps the listener engaged. The smooth transitions and repetitive yet entrancing elements make "How Sweet" addictive despite its simplicity, showcasing their ability to innovate while staying focused on their musical roots.

Pianella Piano’s Arrangement: A Symphonic Reflection of "How Sweet"

If you are a fan of NewJeans and already addicted to "How Sweet," why not start practicing it on your own? Due to its repetitive melody and simplistic aesthetic, it might be the perfect song for beginners to practice. At this point, I would like to introduce Pianella Piano, an arranger known for intricate piano renditions of popular songs. Pianella did a great job in arranging "How Sweet" by taking on the challenge of reinterpreting the track. In this arrangement, Pianella skillfully mirrors the consistent instrumentalization of the original track while infusing it with a new layer of musical depth.

The piano arrangement of "How Sweet" by Pianella retains the song’s core essence – the steady rhythm and the addictive melody – but transforms it into a classical piece that highlights the versatility of NewJeans' music. Pianella’s rendition captures the upbeat and infectious spirit of the original while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.


To achieve this, Pianella keeps the rendition simple. The right hand keeps up with the melody while the left hand provides rhythmic variations. To start, it introduces the main melody and simple accompaniment to follow NewJeans' song and convey its vibe. Then, it delivers the rhythmic variations by stepping into syncopations in both hands, which might be a little challenging to practice. Any tips for practicing this part? Of course, you may want to focus on rhythm because it contains a lot of syncopation. It is hard to maintain stability, but if you start separately with the right and left hands, you might gradually get used to the syncopated rhythm.

Start with your right hand. Listen to the original song or Pianella’s video a lot. Once you get used to the original melody, you won’t struggle too much. Next, start practicing with the left hand. Begin by practicing only the main beat. Imagine if it doesn’t have a syncopated rhythm. Just repeat the same notes as if it is not syncopated. Once you get used to it, try to understand that you have to linger on the notes that you played for the syncopation a little bit longer. It sounds hard to practice, but if you understand the basics, you will gradually move on. The dotted notes may also be hard to practice. Just remember, whenever you find it difficult to play, go back and listen to the original song. It will give you an instinct to play the song as you wish.


Here is the sheet music that you can download and practice at your ease. Just by practicing this music, you will achieve to understand the core spirit of NewJeans. The addictive features of NewJeans were seamlessly blended into the Pianella’s rendition. Moreso, the Miami bass’s characteristics will be understood as you practice the song. Pianella definitely succeeded in delivering the Miami bass’ features by maintaining rhythmic integrity by ensuring the left hand in her piano arrangement delivers a steady, pulsating beat that mimics the driving bass and percussion of Miami bass. Miami bass often features simple, catchy melodies that are easy to follow but have a certain depth due to their arrangement and repetition. In the rendition, Pianella keeps the melody straightforward and repetitive, yet adds layers of harmonic complexity and variation to keep the listener engaged. This reflects the genre's ability to be both accessible and musically rich. Furthermore, Miami bass tracks are known for their dynamic contrasts, with moments of intense bass drops followed by more melodic or rhythmic interludes. Pianella mirrors this by using dynamic contrasts – varying from soft, delicate passages to more powerful, rhythmic sections. This helps to recreate the dramatic shifts in energy typical of Miami bass music.



As NewJeans continues to redefine the K-pop genre with their innovative approach to music. "How Sweet" is a shining example of their ability to blend traditional and modern elements, creating tracks that are both familiar and refreshingly new. Pianella’s piano arrangement further showcases the timelessness of their music, proving that great songs can transcend genres and instrumentation. As NewJeans continues to evolve, their unique sound is sure to keep us captivated, song after song.

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