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[Analysis] Miki Matsubara - Stay With Me by THIS IS PIANO

Get ready to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia as TikTok and social media work their magic, resurfacing timeless tunes from the past and injecting them into our lives once more. And now, brace yourself for an extraordinary musical experience as THIS IS PIANO takes centre stage, presenting their captivating rendition of the iconic song that you simply cannot afford to miss. Get lost in the enchanting melodies as THIS IS PIANO brings you Stay With Me on the piano, reigniting the passion and emotion of this unforgettable classic. Let the magic unfold and allow yourself to be transported to a world of musical wonder with THIS IS PIANO's extraordinary interpretation of this beloved song.

Celebrating Miki Matsubara: A Tribute to Her Unforgettable Talent

Miki Matsubara was a Japanese singer and songwriter. She was born on November 28, 1959, in Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka, Japan. Matsubara gained popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s with her hit song 'Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me, which was released in 1979.

a black and white picture of a girl sitting with crossed legs one hand on her leg and another on the chair smiling brightly Miki Matsubara MyMusicSheet
Miki Matsubara

The song became a major success in Japan and remains one of her most well-known songs. Matsubara released several albums during her career, including 'Pocket Park' (1980) and 'Who Are You?' (1980). While she didn't achieve the same level of success with subsequent releases, she continued to make music and remained active in the Japanese music industry. Tragically, Miki Matsubara passed away on October 7, 2004, at the age of 44, due to complications from uterine cervix cancer. Despite her relatively short career, she left a lasting impact on Japanese pop music and her song Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me remains an enduring classic. Her music continues to be loved and appreciated by fans in Japan and around the world.

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Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me: The Unforgettable Japanese Hit by Miki Matsubara

Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me is a popular Japanese song performed by Miki Matsubara. The song was released in 1979 and quickly became a huge hit, propelling Matsubara to stardom. It was written by Yasushi Akimoto and composed by Tetsuji Hayashi. Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me is known for its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. The song's title translates to 'Midnight Door - Stay with Me' in English. It tells a story of longing and yearning for love, with lyrics that express the desire to be with someone special and the fear of being left alone at night. The song's success extended beyond its initial release, and it has remained popular throughout the years. It has been covered by various artists and has been featured in numerous TV shows, commercials, and films in Japan. The emotional impact and timeless appeal of Mayonaka no Door - Stay with Me have made it a beloved classic in Japanese pop music.

In late 2020, Mayonaka no Door experienced a surge in international popularity, thanks to Indonesian singer Rainych's cover and by Chris Andrian on YouTube its subsequent spread to Indonesia and the rest of the world. The song gained traction on streaming platforms and became a TikTok trend, with users sharing their Japanese mothers' reactions to the familiar melody. During an interview, the composer Tetsuji Hayashi attributed the song's resurgence to the rise of streaming and praised Miki Matsubara, noting that she had already perfected her singing skills despite it being her debut, which is a rare feat in the industry.

The official song Stay With Me by Miki Matsubara


Stay With Me

from the Single Miki Matsubara

a lady behind a white background lady with open hair wearing a black coat white shirt and black tie Miki Matsubara's Poster MyMusicSheet
Miki Matsubara's Poster

- Artist: Miki Matsubara

- Released: November 5th, 1979

- Album: Miki Matsubara Best Collection

-Composer: Tetsuji Hayashi

- Lyrics: Noriko Miura

- Genre: City Pop

- Key: F Major

- Length: 5'12"


Immerse Yourself in Exquisite Melodies: Witness THIS IS PIANO's Skillful Renditions

Introducing THIS IS PIANO, a dynamic YouTube channel hailing from South Korea. Since its inception on December 1st, 2021, they have swiftly garnered over 2.5 million total views and have delighted viewers with a vast collection of more than 250 videos. With an impressive following of nearly 8 thousand subscribers as of May 2023, THIS IS PIANO has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts seeking captivating piano covers.

cream background with a piano line drawing along with the title THIS IS PIANO YouTube channel Profile Picture MyMusicSheet
THIS IS PIANO YouTube channel Profile Picture

Their repertoire spans a diverse range, encompassing classical masterpieces, anime OSTs, movie soundtracks, K-pop hits, J-pop gems, and even captivating game soundtracks. Notably, their most popular upload to date is the enchanting piano cover of the Japanese movie song "Drowning Love (溺れるナイフ) | Chasing Kou | Piano Cover," which has amassed a staggering 500 thousand views since its debut on March 2, 2022. What sets THIS IS PIANO apart is their thoughtful inclusion of simplified or easy versions of songs, ensuring that aspiring pianists of all skill levels can join in the musical journey. Immerse yourself in the exquisite melodies and skillful renditions offered by THIS IS PIANO, as they continue to captivate audiences with their passion for the piano and their ever-expanding musical library.

Cover of Stay With Me by THIS IS PIANO

THIS IS PIANO: Breathing New Life into an Iconic Song with Mesmerizing Piano Cover

This iconic song, which gained immense popularity during its original era, has once again resurfaced and captivated newer generations. The timeless appeal of Matsubara's masterpiece has inspired musicians to put their own unique spin on this beloved classic. Among those who have taken up the challenge is the renowned YouTube channel, THIS IS PIANO. Recently, they released their own mesmerizing piano cover of the song, which premiered on May 18th, 2023, and has already garnered nearly 400 views. Staying true to the original composition, THIS IS PIANO maintains the song's original key signature of F Major. This ensures that the essence of the piece remains intact while allowing listeners to experience it in a fresh and captivating way. The song's time signature remains unchanged at 4/4, providing a steady and familiar rhythm for fans to connect with. However, THIS IS PIANO infuses their rendition with a slightly faster tempo, clocking in at 112 BPM compared to the original song's tempo of 108 BPM. This subtle alteration adds exciting energy to the performance, enhancing the overall experience for listeners. By revisiting this evergreen song and infusing it with their exceptional piano skills, THIS IS PIANO has created a rendition that both pays homage to Matsubara's original masterpiece and offers a delightful twist. Whether you're a long-time fan of the song or discovering it for the first time, THIS IS PIANO's captivating cover is a must-listen. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies as they breathe new life into this beloved classic, reminding us once again of the enduring power of music. The pianist uses the falling lights when the piano keys are played, which makes, other pianists who are following THIS IS PIANO's song easier to follow.


The original intro starts with the lyrics “To you” and with just a few beats of guitar. After four beats there are other instruments added. With the last “To you” there are many instruments with the layer of music mixed. This is where some peppy and energy of the song is. Before verse 1 starts there is still music playing. This takes twenty-two seconds in the original song. THIS IS PIANO starts their cover with the same beat that is used in the original song for “To You.” The song by THIS IS PIANO feels a little bit faster than the original and a bit soft. These have chords played to gain the same effect as the original song. Then where the original theme has drum beats added which brings the city pop THIS IS PIANO has added its own beats, similar to the original and faster, this is to bring the same effect as the original song on the piano. This small piece is added just before the start of verse 1.

Verse 1

Then verse 1 begins with the lyrics to the song where the singer is describing the person how she described ‘last night.’ She is describing them as wearing a grey jacket with a familiar coffee stain. Just the way that person is always. The song has instrument beats and Miki Matsubara sings melodiously and comparatively slowly. There is a short pause in lyrics after a line yet the music is playing. This feels like the old-school music from the 80s. Mastubara is singing in a slow high tone which is very melodious. The song then stops so that it continues in the chorus of the song.

THIS IS PIANO’s first verse starts from twenty-two seconds. THIS IS PIANO’s song is defiantly faster and it gains a bit of speed here. But it is holding its city pop vibe to the song. The song has become dynamic, with faster and quick finger movements. The song doesn’t feel very 80s but as they are staying true to the original song there are hints here and there. THIS IS PIANO did a great job playing the piano. One can surely hear the lyrics and sing with the playing of the piano. Along with lyrics, THIS IS PIANO’s cover we can also feel the layers of music which in the original song was gained by playing multiple instruments. It has been fifty-six seconds into the song from THIS IS PIANO’s video.


The chorus has the main line and the name of the song. The song is built up to this part so that has more effect on the line “Stay with me.” This shows the singer wants her loved one to stay. Stay from returning back to their home. She feels too attached to their partner. She is upset and cries wanting them to stay. The singer is holding into small movements like noticing the coffee stain on their jacket. The singer is clearly affected by their partner's actions. The music of this part of the song is very popular and can be recognized very easily. The iconic lines, beautiful voice and music are what make this song so popular. The chorus brings energy to the song, and as the chorus lyrics end it becomes slower. Then there is the same music played between the sections after the intro and at the start of verse 1.

THIS IS PIANO is fun and the dynamic piano part is too good. With the increased tempo, the song feels different yet the same. It is easily synched with the lyrics of the same. The lyrics of the chorus are high pitched and it feels like the right hand of THIS IS PIANO they are playing the lyrics as is and the left hand is adding the song with the music and the tune of the song. THIS IS PIANO has done an excellent job in feeling the same feeling of the song and elevating it in playing it on piano. THIS IS PIANO plays the small section which is the same as the original made-up left hand playing a single constant key with a short key playing and hand playing chords for short and repeated times. Then playing the small before going to the second verse of the song.

Verse 2

Verse 2 also opens similarly to what verse 1 started as. The lyrics talk about love and the talk that they had again ‘last night.’ There is a longing feeling from the singer and feels like there is hope for their partner. The singer feels that she could feel her partner's presence by her side. The music and tone of verse 2 are very same or exactly the same as the first verse. The lyrics are only different now and then. The original second verse ends at two minutes and twenty-four seconds later.

THIS IS PIANO’s verse starts a minute and thirty-nine seconds later. THIS IS PIANO also repeats the same music and tone that was played in the former verse. As true to the original song, THIS IS PIANO plays the same beats and swift finger movements. So, if one learns the first verse of this song then the second verse can be played as well.


The chorus again has the same tone and the same starting as well. Again, starts with the lyrics “Stay with me” this time talking about how the singer feels when their partner leaves. The singer feels lonely and yearns for their partner. The singer feels that there is a hole and gap in her heart. She has cried and wants her partner to stay with her.

THIS IS PIANO also plays the same chorus as the last time. This is a good song to learn at a lower intermediate level. As one has to learn the verse and chorus once and it is on repeat. But towards the end of the chorus, THIS IS PIANO has changed it a tad bit and added a few of the beats. Having said that the rhythm and atmosphere of the song haven’t changed and kept the original feel of the song intact.

Bridge- Saxophone Solo

There is a saxophone solo in the song. Where the instrument is played which is to break the cycle of the song and to add a new build to the song. This brings the contract to the rest of the song. The song has simply been very predictable going back and forth between the verse and the chorus of the song. The saxophone part ends like that of the verse entering the chorus. THIS IS PIANO also plays this part, where it feels like the saxophone is being played. It is fast yet different from the atmosphere that was built through the song. THIS IS PIANO’s this part brings out the freshness in the song. It is soft and soothing to hear. This is what is needed to make this song perfect and a masterpiece. THIS IS PIANO played this so beautifully it has to be the highlight of the song. With this part ending it goes straight to the chorus of the song.


This is again similar to all the choruses. This time there are three different times it is played initially it is talking about how the singer is begging, crying for her partner to stay and not to leave. She tries everything she could talking the words that they like and feel like they can connect, the warmth that they feel when she is with their partner. The singer wants to hold on to the little moments and wants the partner to stay with her.

THIS IS PIANO’s final chorus starts at three minutes and five seconds. This is played three times as that of the previous chorus. The final time when it is being played the tempo also changes a bit. Also, there are subtle changes but then goes to the same chorus.


The final outro is short. The singer states that she will never forget the warmth that she felt with her partner. The song slowly fades as the music is still playing. With this, the song ends. THIS IS PIANO also ends the song by playing the last part of the lyrics and ending on the last chord of the song.

Prepare to be transported back in time as the nostalgic anthem of a bygone era makes a triumphant comeback, reigniting the world of music with its timeless charm. These unforgettable melodies have etched themselves into our hearts, and now, THIS IS PIANO pays a remarkable tribute to this iconic song through their exquisite piano covers. Whether you're a devoted fan longing to relive the magic or an aspiring pianist yearning to master this masterpiece, THIS IS PIANO's rendition is your ticket to musical bliss. Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of this beloved song and unleash your inner pianist with their incredible cover.

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