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Story of MyMusicSheet

The Beginning of MyMusicSheet

The service of MyMusicSheet was launched in 2019 by its parent company Mapiacompany Inc, in pursuit of targeting Asian market back then. But at present, the service is expanding its realm of activity to more globally with the permission to musical use from several publisher and music associations.

About Mapiacompany

Getting deep down to Mapiacompany a bit more, it is a Korean company with integrated businesses of music, technology and online marketing founded in 2015. Mapiacompany is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and has direct subsidiaries in many overseas locations.

The founder of the company started his own business after dropping out of high school with entrepreneurial road in life, co-founded Mapiacompany with two other like-minded friends at the age of 19, and the three co-founders of Mapiacompany were jointly selected in the [Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Elite List] in 2018 when the average age was 22 years old.

Mapiacompany received an early investment from the well-known Korean angel investor Michael Cho (Korean version of "Whatsapp" - KAKAO angel investor), and successively received investment from the Korean government TIPS, NAVER's investment agency SPRINGCAMP, P&I Investment, and Contents Technologies.

Mapiacompany is a Music-Technology corporation that specializes in facilitating music

artists with commercializing digital music sheets and in advancing the sheet music market

as a leading pioneer through technological innovations. Mapiacompany operates MyMusicSheet - Asia's largest sheet music platform, Mapianist - No.1 platform in Korea, and Kokomu - one of the most popular digital sheet music platform in Japan.

Our Vision

Mapiacompany's vision is to provide music content creators with monetization services through knowledge payment and music copyright management. Among the three business platforms under Mapiacompany, MyMusicSheet attracts the most public attention from the users of the worlds. MyMusicSheet currently serves users in more than 230 countries and regions around the world with provision of 15+ different local payment options and 50+ different internatinal currencies for the convinience of use. MyMusicSheet has developed into the largest and most compliant digital sheet music business platform in Asia and its infleunce is spreading beyond Asia, more globally.


Over 100,000 sheets with various songs and instruments, and 15 different local payment methods, MyMusicSheet provides the most convinient platform service for those of you who love music.


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