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The World of Fingerstyle Guitar: "House of the Lord"

Titus major, playing the guitar

What was your first instrument of love? For me, it was the guitar. Growing up, my father used to play the guitar all the time, leading me to fall in love with its acoustic and refreshing tone. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's a fan of the guitar. Yet, despite its allure, the guitar does possess limitations, particularly in simultaneously conveying both melody and accompaniment. Traditionally, guitarists have had to make the difficult choice between emphasizing chords or melodies when interpreting a piece. This inherent limitation led many to explore alternative playing styles, choosing alternative instruments such as keyboards.

What if there is a playing style that makes guitars play both melodies and chords at the same time? Take a look at fingerstyle guitar—a captivating technique that shows the skills beyond the way we approach the instrument. By plucking individual strings with the fingertips, fingerstyle guitarists can seamlessly play melodies and harmonies together, creating a symphony of sound that rivals even the most sophisticated keyboard compositions. What’s more? It still has its acoustic timber which cannot be found in any keyboard instruments such as piano or harpsichord. Its lightness enables people to carry the instruments wherever they want.

Sounds interesting? Why don’t you begin your own journey to explore the world of fingerstyle guitars? By allowing yourself to be exposed to the new musical realm, you will be able to find yourself enjoying this attractive instrument everywhere every time you want. It is uneasy to practice the fingerstyle guitar, however. While it sounds easy to play, its nature of playing both harmonies and melodies is difficult to attain. So, what important here in learning fingerstyle guitar is to start with the song that is not too hard to learn. How do you choose those music? How would you know which song is easy to follow? If you search for some beginners’ guide for fingerstyle guitar, you may have seen many song recommendations such as “Wind song,” “We are going to be friends,” and “I can’t help falling in love with you.” These are great songs, in terms of how popular they are. Many arrangers have made it for you to follow the instructions in order to practice playing these songs in guitar. Well, I would recommend starting there as well. However, if you are bored of playing these almost like cliches, and wanting to find something new but still well-written, I have something to recommend!

House of the Lord” by Phil Wickham is it. "House of the Lord" is a powerful Christian worship song by Phil Wickham, renowned for his heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies. Released as part of his album "Hymn of Heaven" in 2021, the song resonates deeply with listeners, inviting them into a sacred space of reverence and praise. With its stirring chorus and anthemic instrumentation, "House of the Lord" celebrates the beauty of worship and the sanctity of gathering together in God's presence. Wickham's soulful vocals and the song's dynamic arrangement create an atmosphere of spiritual intimacy, drawing listeners into a transcendent encounter with the divine. As a standout track on an album filled with soul-stirring compositions, "House of the Lord" has quickly become a beloved favorite among Christian music enthusiasts, inspiring countless individuals to lift their voices in adoration.

When you first listening to the song, you might ask me, “How could I play this song on earth?” This songs sounds like multi-layered music that has different kinds of elements including band sounds and claps. How could a guitar mimic this sound?

The fingerstyle guitarist in the spotlight, Titus Major's House of the Lord

Fortunately, we have this amazing sheet music that was created by the fingerstyle guitarist, Titus Major. If you start watching this clip, you will soon acknowledge that the arranger has done so much well in making it simple yet sophisticated! Even the sound of clapping, for example, has been reproduced on the guitar. By consistently giving you a regular rhythm in accompaniment elements, you will be able to concentrate on melodies on top. This will make it a lot easier for those of you who just started learning fingerstyle guitar. In rhythm, you will be able to notice and understand how much care the arranger took to make it simple. Compare it with the original song. Because of the nature of the guitar, the one thing you have to remember is that you should keep focusing on the rhythm, which could have been difficult for you to follow at first. But don’t worry, the arranger did such an amazing job in figuring out how to make the rhythm simple while giving variations in between. Moreover, by doing so, the melodies are not hidden in the entire arrangement, which is another great thing about this arrangement. The use of the capo is also noticeable. As you may have known, sometimes it is hard to navigate the key of the guitar for beginners. Especially if the song is in a key that is hard to play, many beginners just forgive playing it. However, this arrangement allows you to avoid that situation by using a capo. It is important for arrangers to use the capo actively for beginners playing the song more effectively.

Doesn’t it sound like a good deal for you to start practicing this song with us? Unlike other songs, you can start practicing the song without having to worry about being knocked out at the first attempt. So, what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into the world of fingerstyle guitar, where passion meets technique, and music becomes a language of the soul. With Major's guidance, you'll unlock the secrets of "House of the Lord," transforming your guitar into a vessel of worship and praise. Let the journey begin and let the music carry you to new heights of expression and fulfillment. Here is the sheet music that you can download for your next happiness!

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Eljane Balarote
Eljane Balarote
Apr 08

So inspiring ❣️

Thanks God for this amazing guitarist!

-Eljane Balarote here from the Promise Land of the Philippines.


Mar 22



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