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Exploring the Spiritual and Musical Depths of 'Goodness of God' by Bethel Music and the Arrangement

Goodness of God by Titus Major

Have you been in search of finding music that is both spiritually and musically satisfy you? Here is an excellent example of the music which shows the great artistry as well as spirituality through its thoroughly compositions. "Goodness of God" stands as a significant anthem within the contemporary Christian music landscape, having left an indelible mark since its release. Penned by a team of notable songwriters including Ed Cash, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, Brian Johnson, and Jenn Johnson, this song embodies a powerful message of God's faithfulness and kindness. Initially released by Bethel Music in January 2019 as part of the promotional campaign for their album Victory, "Goodness of God" quickly gained traction, captivating listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and emotive melody. The song's genesis, as shared by Jenn Johnson, adds a layer of authenticity to its composition, as it was inspired by her personal experience of reflecting on God's goodness during the journey of adopting her fourth child.

Since its release, "Goodness of God" has resonated with audiences worldwide, its message touching hearts and minds across diverse backgrounds and experiences. Its impact extended even further when gospel icon CeCe Winans covered the song on her album Believe For It in 2021, propelling it to new heights on the Christian music charts. Its success is not surprising as uniquely "Goodness of God" is characterized by its uplifting rock tempo. It is hard to capture the nuance of spirituality through rock music. However, with its soaring vocals, the music creates an atmosphere of worship and reflection. With its key of A♭ and moderate tempo, it captures both calming but uplifting mood that provides a melodic backdrop for believers to declare God's goodness and faithfulness in their lives.

As Bethel Music continues to explore new expressions of worship, "Goodness of God" remains a cornerstone of their repertoire, serving as a reminder of God's unchanging character and steadfast love. Whether sung in congregational settings or personal moments of devotion, this song continues to inspire and uplift listeners, pointing them to the enduring hope found in God's goodness.

The song's message is clear and resolute: it proclaims the unchanging goodness of God and celebrates His mercies that endure through every trial and triumph of life. Drawing inspiration from biblical passages and theological truths, Bethel Music crafts a narrative that speaks to the depths of the human experience and the nature of divine grace.

There might be a lot of readers who want to play this song with your own but do not know where to start. For those of you, here I suggest a surprisingly great arrangement of the music that you can practice with. Either guitar or piano has been the most frequently used instrument for beginners. This time, I wanted to bring guitar for your convenience. Imagine yourself playing this song in front of your beloved ones in the private sphere. Connect with your friends and family spiritually through playing the song, offering them solace and comfort at your ease. Titus Major, a guitarist made the unique rendition of the song by arranging it into finger-style guitar.

The finger-style guitarist in the spotlight, Titus Major's Goodness of God

Finger-style guitar surprisingly fits into the narrative of "Goodness of God" by Bethel Music. This is because usually calming and uplifting rock music is effectively conveyed through finger-style guitar. As you pluck and strum the strings of guitar, you will notice that there is a sense of warmth and authenticity infuses the melody, complementing the heartfelt vocals and driving rhythm. This unexpected pairing creates a unique contrast, drawing listeners in and enhancing the emotional impact of the song's message of God's goodness and faithfulness. 


One advantage of this arrangement is that it is beginner friendly made. While finger-style guitar is the technique of guitar that definitely wonderful and delicate to listen to, at the same time it sometimes is too hard for beginners to follow practicing. When you want to chill and enjoy this music with your spiritually connected group of people, this song would be greatly helpful for you to learn. When you listen to this rendition, you will appreciate how easily arranged the song is. It is not using sophisticated technique that you will need to practice several months to master. In fact, mostly the arrangement shows the simple aesthetic by focusing on main melody. While the main melody keeps you stay focus on music, the accompaniment part is usually offering harmonic part in which you can find the harmony while you don’t have to pay too much attention on. This will bring you to another level of focus on main melody which is beneficial for beginners to develop and exercise their ability to convey the mood of the song. Secondly, it gives you a lot of room to express yourself while play the music. Interesting thing about this rendition is that it uses the beauty of silence or pause throughout the music. You will breath in between the phrases. You will be able to find a place that you can express yourself. In other words, you will make a lot of lingering feelings if you play this for your beloved ones. In this sense, this rendition will be the perfect choice for those of you who want to choose a song in which they can make a connection with others either spiritually or musically.


Here is the tip I can give; try best to keep the echo of the sound. As you can hear in the clip, the performer delicately delivers the echoes of the sound while playing it. If you find a place to feel the echo more easily, that place could be the perfect one for you to play and connect with others. The more echo you have, the more spirituality the song will convey to others.


Keep in mind, playing guitar is one of the most universal instruments that could effectively convey the message. Its simple but powerful messages will be delivered through your play. Here is the music sheet you can download and enjoy it.


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