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[Analysis] John Newman – Love Me Again by Piano X

Unleash the timeless allure of John Newman's iconic song "Love Me Again" as PianoX delivers a mesmerizing piano rendition. Widely regarded as one of the most famous songs of all time, this captivating performance is enhanced by the enchanting guidance of falling lights, creating an immersive environment for aspiring home piano players. Join PianoX and embark on a journey to master this legendary track. Discover the joy of learning and playing John Newman's music under the expert guidance of PianoX. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity – it's worth checking out. Start your musical journey today!

The Voice That Moves Hearts: Explore the Souful Vocals of John Newman

John Newman is a British singer-songwriter known for his soulful and powerful vocals. Born on June 16, 1990, in Settle, North Yorkshire, Newman gained prominence with his breakthrough single ‘Love Me Again’ in 2013. He combines elements of pop, soul, and R&B in his music, delivering emotionally charged performances.

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John Newman

Newman's distinct voice and ability to convey raw emotions have made him a standout artist in the contemporary music scene. Throughout his career, he has released several successful singles and albums, showcasing his talent as a singer and songwriter.

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Love Me Again by John Newman

A Music Lover's Haven: Dive into PianoX's Engaging and Diverse Content Collection

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PianoX YouTube Profile

PianoX is a renowned YouTuber whose channel features captivating covers of popular songs, compilations, and stunning piano renditions of movie soundtracks. With an engaging and diverse content collection, PianoX has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts. Since joining YouTube on March 18, 2010, PianoX has accumulated an impressive total of nearly 180 million views and has garnered a dedicated subscriber base of over 900 thousand. With consistent updates and a library of over 230 videos, PianoX ensures a regular flow of exceptional content. Notably, their most popular video, the XXXTENTACION - SAD! | Piano tutorial, was posted on June 21, 2018, and has amassed an astounding 17 million views. By subscribing to PianoX, you become an integral part of their motivation to deliver outstanding piano tutorials and covers that continue to captivate and inspire viewers.


Love Me Again

from Album Tribute

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John Newman - Tribute Poster

- Artist: John Newman

- Released: (Digital Download) May 17th, 2013

- Lyrics: John Newman, Steve Booker

- Producers: Steve Booker and Mike Spencer

- Label: Universal-Island Records Ltd

- Genre: Alternative/ POP, UK R&B

- Album: Tribute

- Key: D Minor

- Length: 3'55"


Unveiling PianoX's Remarkable Cover of Love Me Again

The song Love Me Again has gained immense popularity and is poised to remain a favourite in the future. Due to its widespread appeal, numerous musicians have created their own covers of the song, showcasing their unique vocal, instrumental, or combined talents. Among them, PianoX has also contributed a remarkable cover of Love Me Again, which was uploaded to YouTube on May 17, 2023, (at the exact 10th-year anniversary of the song) and has already garnered nearly 21 thousand views. In PianoX's rendition, the song is played in D minor, maintaining a tempo of 126 BPM. The time signature for the cover is 4/4, providing a steady and familiar rhythmic structure. Experience PianoX's exceptional interpretation of Love Me Again and join the growing community of music enthusiasts who appreciate their skilful performances.

The harmony and Chord Progression of the song are primarily in the key of D minor. The chord progression used throughout the song follows a simple yet effective pattern. The main progression revolves around the tonic (Dm) and dominant (A) chords, creating a sense of tension and release. This progression is heard prominently during the chorus sections. In the verses, there is a brief deviation to the subdominant (Gm) chord, adding a subtle variation to the harmonic structure.

Love Me Again by PianoX

The melody in Love Me Again is characterized by its soulful and emotive qualities. John Newman's powerful vocals deliver the melody with a combination of long sustained notes, melismatic passages (where multiple notes are sung on a single syllable), and short rhythmic phrases.

PianoX skillfully crafted the melody of the song, centring it around a captivating and unforgettable hook characterized by a descending four-note pattern. This melodic motif serves as the backbone of the composition, recurring consistently throughout the entire song and enhancing its irresistible catchiness. PianoX's masterful execution ensures that this distinctive melody remains ingrained in the listener's mind, making it a memorable and enjoyable musical experience. The magic of PianoX's melodic prowess as they weave this captivating hook into the fabric of the song, leaving a lasting impression that will have you humming along in no time.

The rhythm of the song:

The rhythm and groove of the song feature an up-tempo groove that drives the energetic feel of the track. The rhythmic elements, particularly in the percussion section, play a crucial role in creating the song's danceable quality. The drumbeat provides a steady pulse, with a combination of kick and snare patterns, accompanied by hi-hat and other percussion elements. The syncopated rhythms add a sense of forward motion and contribute to the song's infectious energy.

PianoX skillfully captures the vibrant rhythms of the original track by captivating this piano cover. With an up-tempo groove and an energetic feel, PianoX's renditions stay true to the essence of the original song. Experience the infectious energy and lively atmosphere as PianoX brings these rhythmic arrangements to life. Dive into a world of captivating piano performances that faithfully mirror the spirit of the original track.

Verse 1

In the first verse of Love Me Again, the singer John reflects upon past wrongdoing, expressing a sense of remorse. The lyrics highlight a contrast between the singer portraying himself as a devil and the person he wronged as an angel. Throughout the verse, the song maintains a simple yet compelling pattern.

PianoX's rendition of the song starts with a similar beat, where the pianist repeats a pair of four-note patterns. As the verse progresses, PianoX adds its touch to create a more intensified and dynamic section. While the original song maintains the same beats until the end of the first verse, PianoX follows a similar pattern on the piano, infusing it with its unique ambience and interpretation.


In the original song, the pre-chorus of Love Me Again maintains the same beats as the first verse. It emphasizes the singer's determination to rise from the ground and become a better version of himself. Notably, there is a captivating piano section that resembles a gliding glissando, adding a touch of musical brilliance.

PianoX's rendition of the pre-chorus preserves a similar tone to the first verse, with slight variations. The section is played twice, followed by the left hand playing a two-note chord, while the right hand performs a four-note glissando from right to left. This transition creates a distinctive break and serves as the iconic introduction to the immensely popular chorus. In PianoX's interpretation, this particular section occurs at the thirty-three-second mark, capturing the epic and enchanting essence of the music.


The chorus of John Newman's Love Me Again introduces captivating and distinct musical elements that contribute to its identity. It serves as a compelling moment where the singer expresses a desire for the other person to love him again, despite his past mistakes. The repetition of the lyrics "I need to know now, can you love me again" reinforces the title and theme of the song.

PianoX captures the essence of the chorus by starting with a tone that immediately grabs attention. A single key sets the tone, leading into the main chorus. PianoX skillfully plays the first half of the chorus, maintaining the repetition of the lines for eight beats. While the latter part remains consistent, PianoX introduces subtle changes to emulate the pitch and rising vocals found in the original song. This adaptation infuses the chorus with increased energy and danceability.

Verse 2

The second verse of the song carries forward the beats and tone established in the first verse, creating a sense of continuity. The singer once again reflects on his past mistakes, considering them unforgivable. The lyrics draw a parallel between the singer as a demon and his partner as an angel, emphasizing the damage he has caused. The verse is accompanied by a recurring four-note pattern that adds depth to the composition.

PianoX maintains a similar pattern in their rendition of the second verse, mirroring the structure established in the first verse. They skillfully play the eight-note verse and divide it into two sets of four notes, both featuring harmonious melodies. While the right hand maintains a relatively steady position, the left-hand exhibits more dynamic movements in this section. This segment can be found approximately one minute and thirty seconds into PianoX's interpretation of the song.


The song transitions into the Pre-chorus, mirroring the lyrics exactly as they are. The singer expresses their desire to become a better and more deserving person for their love, fueled by newfound strength and determination. The tone and atmosphere of the song remain consistent with the previous pre-chorus, maintaining a cohesive musical journey.

PianoX stays true to the original tempo and musical arrangement, preserving the essence of the composition. The texture of the Pre-chorus remains similar to its preceding counterpart. PianoX's right hand maintains a steady rhythm, skillfully playing the chords, while the left-hand showcases dynamic movements, creating a sense of calmness during their performance. The signature four-note glissando is once again played by the right hand, moving from right to left, accompanied by a constant two-key chord played by the left hand. Then going into the chorus of the song.


The chorus of the song commences with a distinctive tone that sets the stage for the upcoming section. As the chorus unfolds, the tempo and overall atmosphere of the song intensify, transitioning into an upbeat and lively arrangement. The lyrics continue to emphasize the recurring theme of the singer's longing to know if the other person can love them again.

Prior to the chorus, PianoX incorporates the same iconic single-key tone that serves as a notable highlight of the song. This time, this chorus is played for half the duration compared to the previous chorus, presented in sets of two. The speed and key selection remain faithful to the original rendition. PianoX flawlessly showcases their piano-playing skills, maintaining the rhythm and essence of the song. There is a small instrumental piece. This is one of the beautiful parts as it adds depth to the song. This part brings out the essence of this chorus. The bridge section begins at approximately two minutes and eighteen seconds into PianoX's video, adding a new dimension to the musical journey.


The song transitions into the bridge section, introducing a slower pace compared to the rest of the composition. This segment provides a momentary respite from the energetic atmosphere, delving into the singer's contemplation of not repeating past mistakes and the possibility of their partner expressing an inability to love again.

PianoX skillfully interprets this section with a delicate touch, emphasizing the slower tempo. The right hand predominantly plays long, sustained chords, while the left hand maintains the rhythmic beats of the song. A beautiful melody emerges, contrasting with the overall tone of the song and adding a new dimension to the musical arrangement. The bridge culminates with the right hand playing extended four-note chords, accompanied by short, fragmented, and repeated two-note chords played by the left hand. Following a brief pause, the final chorus ensues, carrying the song towards its conclusion.


The final chorus of the song commences, featuring the same familiar lyrics as the earlier choruses. This section repeats throughout the remainder of the song, maintaining its catchy and memorable quality. As the chorus progresses, the tempo gradually increases, adding a sense of heightened energy until the song reaches a sudden conclusion.

PianoX faithfully recreates the opening of the song, capturing its initial beat and energetic essence. After the first iteration, the same keys are repeated at a higher octave, infusing a dynamic element into the performance. The chorus continues with the same octave before transitioning to an even higher octave for the remainder of the song. As the song approaches its finale, PianoX concludes with a striking change in pitch, punctuated by the pressing of three keys at the lower left side of the piano. This sudden shift brings the song to a satisfying and decisive end.

Texture of the song:

The texture and instrumentation of the songLove Me Again have a layered and rich texture that combines electronic and acoustic elements. The vocals take the spotlight, with John Newman's soulful delivery capturing the emotional essence of the song. The instrumentation includes piano, drums, bass, and various synthesized sounds. The piano riff serves as the main melodic motif, while the bassline adds depth and drive to the rhythmic foundation. The electronic elements, including synthesizers and programmed beats, enhance the contemporary pop sound of the track.

PianoX has skillfully transformed the song into a captivating piano rendition, ensuring that the essence and texture of the original composition remain intact. Despite the absence of other instruments, the piano adaptation retains its distinct layers, showcasing a remarkable depth. This version allows listeners to experience the song in a fresh and engaging way, and for those who wish to accompany the lyrics with this piano arrangement, it can be done effortlessly. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this piano interpretation and explore the hidden nuances of the song through PianoX's exceptional talent.

Dynamics of the song:

The dynamics in Love Me Again play an essential role in shaping the song's emotional impact. The song transitions between softer, more introspective sections and powerful, climactic moments. PianoX plays this contrast between the subdued verses and the explosive chorus heightening the emotional tension beautifully.

Additionally, John Newman's expressive vocal performance, characterized by his emotive delivery and dynamic range, further enhances the song's impact. You can also sing along with PianoX’s piano cover.

Did you enjoy this remarkable cover by PianoX? Show your appreciation and support to PianoX and MyMusicSheet by spreading the magic of PianoX's music to your loved ones. Recreate the captivating melodies and share the joy of music with those closest to you. Let the enchanting tunes of PianoX inspire and uplift the hearts of others. Explore the vast collection of PianoX's covers on MyMusicSheet and embark on a musical journey that will leave a lasting impression. Share the love and musical brilliance today!

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