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[Analysis] New Jeans – Ditto by CatOlin

KPOP or Korean Pop music, has taken the world by storm in recent years, be it BTS, Blackpink or SEVENTEEN. With its catchy beats, sleek choreography, and visually stunning videos, it’s no surprise that the industry has seen such a massive rise in popularity. The KPOP industry has also played a significant role in promoting South Korean Culture, fashion, language, and stories and making it a powerful influencer in the world of entertainment. There have been many boy groups, girl groups, international groups, duo and solo artists coming out of Land of Morning Calm. Still, one of the relatively new, 5-member girl group under ADOR is taking the KPOP industry to next level.

Discover the Rise of ADOR and New Jeans: Independent Label under HYBE

Debuted on July 22, 2022, with their song ‘Attention’, ADOR (All Doors One Room) an independent label under HYBE called New Jeans (NWJNS; kor. 뉴진스). Interestingly they are called New Jeans because the group is like a flexible, new fit and will be timeless, just like a new pair of jeans. On November 21, 2021, HYBE announced the launch of the new label ADOR, for which the global auditions were held in September 2019. Min Hee Jin who is an art director and graphic designer is the CEO of ADOR and was SM Entertainment’s former creative director responsible for big KPOP groups like Girls’ Generation (소녀시대), SHINee (샤이니), f(x) (에프엑스), EXO (엑소) and Red Velvet (레드벨벳).

New Jeans - MyMusicSheet -
New Jeans

New Jeans members consist of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein having yellow, pink, green, white and cyan colours associated with them respectively. The group doesn’t have a leader position yet. The group’s genre is POP and R&B. New Jeans released their first teaser video on July 1 2022 and then their first music video for their debut lead single ‘Attention.’ Within a few days of their debut, on July 23rd and July 25th, they released 2 more music videos for ‘Hype Boy’ and ‘Hunt’. They have sold more than 400,000 pre-order stocks, which is one of the highest in any girl band’s history. Their fandom is called Bunnies.

After their first music show, New Jeans released a Digital Single in December 2022 called ‘Ditto’ and then made a comeback in January 2023, with their first album in 2023.

New Jeans "Ditto": Chart-topping hit and visually stunning music video captivating fans worldwide

When did Ditto come out? Ditto was released as the first Digital Single by New Jeans, released on December 19, 2022. The dynamic group quickly gained attention with their unique music, high-energy performance and stylish image. After its release, it has been number 1, on Korean music sites like Melon, Genie, and Bugs. The song has also been highly ranked on iTunes as well. In January 2023 Ditto went on the Global 200 chart from number 26 to number 8. In worldwide Billboard just excluding the USA it went up from 11 to number 4. It was 95 on the UK Singles charts and 96 on US Billboard Top100. It was number 1 in Vietnam (Vietnam Hot 100), Taiwan (Billboard) and Singapore (RIAS). There have been more than 300 thousand Tik Tok reels made with the song.

It is one of the first girl KPOP groups to enter such popularity soon. Additionally, New Jeans had climbed from 7 to 4 on the list of Emerging Artists Chart.

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Ditto' Performance Video

Ditto is a song about the feeling of loving someone. The song is a reinterpretation of the genre of Baltimore Club Dance Music with New Jean’s touch.

New Jeans has 2-part MVs, Side A and Side B which made fans make theories and build storylines which makes it more interesting to get immersed in music and into their world, to get hooked on new snipped and new releases.

According to the news source, these creative music videos(MV) were a collective effort of CEO Min Hee Jin and director Shin Woo Suk. Said that the ambience of the MVs was inspired by Japanese director Iwai Shunji’s work, such as classic films like ‘Love Letter’ (1995), ‘Hana and Alice’ (2004) and ‘All about Lily and Chou-Chou’(2001). Korean film ‘Girls’ High School Story’ reminiscent was also present in the MVs.

The MVs show high school girls, with the addition of a few new faces for a video like Park Ji Hoo and Choi Hyun Wook. Where Park Ji Hoo plays the character of ‘Ban Hee Soo’ which a common theory is Bunnies i.e., the New Jeans fandom name. She is always seen recording the New

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Ditto' Official MV (side A)

Jeans girls and stays with them through the laughs and cries. Symbolizing the Idol and Fans relationship through the thick and thin of the journey.

Ditto won three awards in January 2023, Show! Music Core (MBC), Inkigayo (SBS) and Music Bank (KBS).

Have you seen the MVs? What are your thoughts and theories on the MVs? Let us know your thoughts and ideas down below.

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Ditto' Official MV (side B)



Digital Single by New Jeans

New Jeans Ditto MyMusicSheet
Ditto - New Jeans (NWJNS)

- Artist: New Jeans

- Released: December 19, 2023

- Label: ADOR

- Distributor: YG PLUS

- Length: 3'5"

- Genre: Baltimore Club, EDM, Dance


Get lost in the captivating violin covers of 캣올린CatOlin: From KPOP to movie OSTs, this artist's unique style will leave you mesmerized

캣올린CatOlin (kor. catolin) is a South Korean Violin player who joined YouTube on June 30, 2019. The YouTube name is a combination of Cat and Violin, hence it becomes ‘CatOlin’. She usually does the violin covers of movie OSTs ‘Our Beloved Summer’ along with animes like ‘Demon Slayer’ and Series/ Dramas like ‘SKY Castle’ also individual artists like, ‘Justin Bieber's Peach’, Rose – Blackpink, IU, also with bands like BTS, Maroon 5 along with Japanese and Chinese songs. She also does more KPOP songs in violin versions and arrangements. She even did one 1-hour music of the anime ‘Inuyasha’ OST. She even posts shorts that are catchy and wants to listen to full YouTube videos.

She is usually sitting on a wooden chair facing towards the window, with almost no expression on her face while playing the violin effortlessly with a white wall and certain background. Her simple ascetics of her take us towards her mysterious aura and the excellent music that she plays. It builds the whole atmosphere and we are deep in the video with beautiful music. Her older videos were of her violin and her hands playing the violin. Her videos became of a similar current format in 2020.

캣울린CatOlin MyMusicSheet
캣올린CatOlin YouTube Profile Picture

캣올린CatOlin has a total of 190 thousand subscribers, with 12 million total views. Her most popular video was posted on September 18, 2022, called ‘BLACKPINK – Shut Down – Violin Cover’ with a little less than 3 million views on the video. Her video on the Ditto violin cover was posted in the new year, January 1, 2023, and has over 200 thousand views. It was a massive gift for her endorsers.

캣올린CatOlin's violin cover: Mesmerizing and unique style that will leave you hooked

The song has hit a massive fan following, for the freshness, originality, and naivety of the song made it music reactors, and musicians a hugely fun day. There have English covers, piano, guitar, and violin covers and many more. And among the top viewed content is from 캣올린CatOlin. Her violin cover is so soothing and catchy so perfect that you won’t feel bored any moment throughout the song.

캣올린CatOlin's video titled: NewJeans (뉴진스) - Ditto - Violin Cover

The song is in A major and F sharp minor and with a tempo of 130 beats per minute. With a 4/4-time signature. The song starts off giving a sad vibe to the song, but as the song picks up it catches up with the danceability. Throughout the song, there is a hint of sadness in contrast to the song being happy and bubbly.

Most of the time 캣올린CatOlin has been constant to the original song, it is so as to we can hear the lyrics in our heads if we listen to the song with our eyes closed. Her hand movements are so crisp and smooth, making it look so effortless. 캣올린CatOlin’s vibrato in the song was something that is beyond the praises. Her violin-playing skills are truly extraordinary. She commands the instrument with grace and precision creating a symphony of beautiful tunes that left the audience of the song mesmerized. Her wearing a school uniform gives the feeling that of the original video where the MV is in school and was a great nod to the song. Her doll-like appearance, which has almost no expression on her face makes her violin-playing experience more unique, we can see her pure passion through the notes of the song that she plays. Her videos as no less than breathtaking, no less than a performance in concert, just immersed in 캣올린CatOlin’s music. She is the true master of her craft and the true inspiration for all violists.

Just one of the lyrics of the song is “Do you want somebody like I want somebody? You smiled at me, but do you think about me now, yeah?”; it’s just that the song wants the lister to feel their love and want to think that their love is well received. It’s a mix of feeling sad and happy at the same time. Likewise, why don’t you confess your love through this song? Pick up the violin sheet music for the song Ditto from 캣올린CatOlin’s beautiful cover from here. Or if there are some other songs/ pieces you are interested in there are many others from or visit MyMusicSheet.

Let us know what theory of the MV you decipher in the comment section down below.

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