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KPOP Musician IU : Love Wins All with Piano

IU and V


In the world of music, there are artists, and then there are icons. IU, a South Korean singer-songwriter, actress, and all-around superstar, undoubtedly falls into the latter category. Many fans have waited for her new release, and finally, IU released her new single ‘Love Wins All’. Since the release, the song has been sensational. It charted the top in every Korean chart and it brought tremendous global attention. The global attention was also possible not only because of IU but also because of the cast in the music video. In the video, she and V from the BTS member star became a couple fighting to survive in a dystopian world. (If you want to know how V was casted, click here) Heartbrokenly, they were consistently recalling their happy memories while fighting with the object and this served as a contrasting device in the music video. There are a lot things to discuss in the music video, but today, we will delve into the music itself! The song offers such a great musical experience, so stay tuned if you are enjoying IU’s “Love Wins All.”

Musical Analysis

Love Wins All" is a testament to IU's versatility as an artist. The song has a great storyline. Being a ballad-style track, it was the perfect genre to lyrically and sentimentally convey a message. Of course, IU is known for writing lyrics based on her lyrical sentiments, and this is reflected in her song. “Love Wins All” talks about how love can encourage people to overcome struggles, such as hatred and isolation. It is about love’s triumph over adversity. One notable thing in this song is that her voice seamlessly blends lyrics into the mood of the song. It's a narrative that resonates with people from all walks of life, reminding us that love is a universal language. More importantly, it serves as a consolation to people who are currently facing their own problems.

If you're a fan of IU or simply appreciate the beauty of music that transcends borders, "Love Wins All" is a must-listen. It's a song that reminds us of the power of love, and IU's interpretation of it is nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether you're a musician looking to cover the song or simply a music enthusiast, there's something in "Love Wins All" for everyone.

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Easily Covering the Uncoverable

IU's music is not only celebrated for its originality but also for its adaptability. Many talented musicians and content creators have taken on the challenge of covering Love Wins All in piano. These covers breathe new life into the song, allowing artists to add their unique touch while paying homage to IU's artistry.

One of the most remarkable covers uploaded to YouTube is by Pianella Piano, known to be an amazing pianist who mostly uploads pop song covers, including K-pop. Pianella offers a variety of songs with her own interpretations, and "Love Wins All" is one of them. If you are a beginner in piano, this is the song you might want to practice, not only because the music is good to listen to but also because you can easily follow the song as played by Pianella Piano.

When it comes to the rearrangement, you need to carefully choose the instrument to cover. In this case, the piano was the perfect choice to convey the original music's mood and sentimentality, as the piano's ability to cover various harmonies and accompaniments is exceptional. As mentioned earlier, "Love Wins All" is not just music; it is a storytelling art. Pianella Piano did a great job of covering the original music's story in piano form. If you listen to the cover by Pianella Piano, you will notice that the song has three sections. Depending on the arranger's intention, here Pianella Piano enhances the storyline of the song by separating the sections and changing the accompaniment of the left hand. In the beginning, it starts with subtle harmonic accompaniment that does not hinder you from listening to the main melodies. However, as the second section starts, the music becomes more emotional as it accompanies arpeggios from the left hand. Moreover, the modulation brings a kick to the song. As you follow the arrangement, you will notice that even though there are no lyrics in this cover, the emotional development of the original can also be found in the piano cover. This is not an easy task, especially when you think about how challenging it is to work without lyrics. However, this cover does a great job of emotional development in a simple way. If you follow the arrangement, you will be able to convey what IU wanted to express.


One thing I would like to suggest to you is that you should pay attention to the development of the accompaniment in the left hand. As mentioned, you should not hinder the melodies while touching the harmonic accompaniment. However, as you delve into the deeper emotions in the second section, you might want to express more with dynamics. Start from piano, progress to forte, and then return to piano. This overarching dynamic will bring you the sensational experience of what music can convey. Sounds difficult? It is not difficult at all. Luckily, Pianella Piano's arrangement allows you to easily attain the technical aspects of the song. What you want to do is just practice a little bit and blend your emotions into the song. If you can forget that you are practicing the piano because you are so focused on the music, then it means you are ready to share your piano skills with others! Start enjoying IU's music in the simplest yet most wonderful way. Here's the sheet music that Pianella Piano has provided. Enjoy!"

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