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[Analysis] Stephen Sanchez - Until I found you by John Rod Dandoyano

Have you heard a song so many times on TikTok that you found the piece to be much more impressive than the original? You searched it online and found out it is not an old song that has gained attention, but a young TikTok artist, who wrote and composed such a beautiful melody. This song has been played at weddings, and reels, it has been a new love anthem. Don’t you agree?

Rising Star Stephen Sanchez: From TikTok Cover to Chart-Topping Sensation

Stephen Sanchez born on November 3, 2002, is an American singer and songwriter who started his career in music when he posted his cover of ‘Cigarette Daydreams’ by an American rock band, Cage the Elephant in 2020 on TikTok. 2020 was a big year for Stephen Sanchez as the cover became viral on TikTok and Sanchez started to get many followers as well.

Stephen Sanchez - MyMusicSheet
Stephen Sanchez's YouTube Profile

He used the platform to show his talent in music by posting bits of his original music ‘Lady by the Sea’ he was working on. Soon afterwards, released a snippet he was reached out to by the artist Jeremy Zucker with the offer to produce the song and even signed with Republic Records. In 2020, he released ‘Lady by the Sea’ from his first Extended Play (EP) “What Was, Not Now”, and in 2021 released ‘Kayla’ under the same album.

When you thought Stephen Sanchez had it all, but there were larger things to store for him in 2021 when he released ‘Until I Found You’ and took over the world and the rest is history.

The Love Ballad that Captivated the World: Stephen Sanchez’s ‘Until I Found You’

Republic Records released the song ‘Until I Found You’ in 2021 written by Stephen Sanchez, and produced by Ian Fitchuk and Kornrad Snyder. It got instantly viral on TikTok claiming recognition and climbing charts all over the world. It was 11 in Billboard Global 200 (ranked 122 for 2022 year-end performance) and 14 in US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs (Billboard). The song did receive positive reception globally as it ranked 12 on Vietnam Hot 100, 1 in Malaysia International, 1 in IMI (Indian Music Industries) India, 16 in UK Singles, 4 in Singapore and 13 in VG-lista Norway. He was invited to Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform the song.

Later, the song was added to Stephen Sanchez’s second EP “Easy on My Eyes”. In April 2022 made a remix of the song with another American singer and songwriter Em Beihold with her own added original verse in the song. On June 29, 2022, Sanchez released the song on YouTube with currently 86 million views.

Stephen Sanchez's Until I Found You

With around 400 million views and more than 500 thousand TikTok, the soft and gentle song took everybody’s heart. When you hear the song ‘Until I Found You’ for the first time, it feels like it is an old classic from the 50s or 60s, as Stephen Sanchez grew up loving classics as he feels like they sound from another dimension. He said

“ The Songs were simple, but profound, romantic, and beautiful. It sparked a desire to write what I was hearing. To me, songwriting is like taking a memory and putting it in a projector for everyone to see”.

He grew up visiting material grandparents’ house and listening to vinyl of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Platters, and The Ink Spots.

Until I Found You Poster Stephen Sanchez MyMusicSheet
Until I Found You Poster

Until I Found You

from the EP 'Easy on My Eyes'

- Artist: Stephen Sanchez

- Release Date: September 1, 2021

- Label: Republic Records

- Songwriter: Stephen Sanchez

- Key: B Flat Major

- Length: 2'57"


From Rejection to Romance: The Tale Behind Stephen Sanchez's Hit Song

What made the audience love more the song was the story behind the song. The song is based on his real life, about the girl ‘Georgia’, whom he pushed away when they first met. He said that he felt like an idiot when he pushed her away as he said that he was not in a good situation then. But this didn’t stop him from thinking about her. She was so good to him yet they spend some time separated. And sometime later, they reconnected, and he got a second chance with her.

They have been together since and he wrote the song to let her know how much she means to him, how much he loves her and how much of an idiot he feels to let go of her. The song lyrics make you feel his emotions with simple words about how much he loves and values her.

 “I would never fall in love again until I found her ” 
“I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her I found you” 

This pure, young story is timeless with beautiful lyrics. The song is sweet but the story behind it is sweeter. The song, the heartwarming love story stole our hearts.

Composition of the Song

The song is inspired by 50s and 60s songs in B flat major, styles can be described as indie pop, summer soul and moderate ballad, with a tempo of 68. There is the use of vocals, guitars and tambourines. It is an upbeat classic doo-wop style. There is a piano version, which is softer and feels much more intimate, and close, feels like a personal affection which he had aimed for, to feel right.

Piano and Strings: The Perfect Combo by John Rod Dandoyano

A pianist from the Philippines, John Rod Dandoyano, joined YouTube on October 18, 2016, he does piano covers and has his own original music. He started to learn music when he was 10 years old. Because he had an amazing teacher and he himself was a bright and passionate student with 12 sessions of 1-hour classes he was able to learn the basics of piano, music and note-making.

The thing that makes John Rod Dandoyano different from other pianists on YouTube is that he does add strings to the song, which are also his cover, to add a layer of music and to give a beautiful and orchestral feeling. Bringing piano and strings together is John Rod Dandoyano’s unique touch. He uses Rolang RP102 Piano to play the songs.

He is in a band called 4th Fret, where they have their own music with a guitarist, pianist, drummer, and bass player and they sing very well. They have their own YouTube channel with the same name.

With almost 160 thousand subscribers and over 33 million total views John Rod Dandoyano has won so many hearts. He has done some remixes of such as Ne-Yo- Miss Independent and CHEN- Beautiful Goodbye, he did covers of a famous Filipino folk-pop band called as Ben&Ben, has piano tutorials of songs from Ben&Ben, Filipino movie OST Through the night and day movie OST, some originals and piano medleys. His most popular video is on the song from Christina Perri titled ‘Christina Perri – A Thousand Years | Piano Cover with Strings (with Lyrics & PIANO SHEET)’ posted on October 2021 which has as of now over 3 million views. His YouTube logo is of a piano, along with his initials ‘J’ and ‘r’ peeking out.

john rod dondoyano youtube MyMusicSheet
John Rod Dondoyano's YouTube Profile Image

Breathe New Life into Your Playlist with John Rod Dandoyano’s Until I Found You

There have been various covers, arrangements, covers, instrumental, and vocal, renditions to

Stephen Sanchez’s Until I found You. John Rod Dandoyano did a great job in his arrangement which is very close to the original song. The song in the key signature is B flat major, relative key G minor, dominant key and subdominant being F major and E flat major respectively. Along with time signature 6/8. The music video has the falling lights visual effects so as to learners can use the video to learn the song, yet again that is not the optimum solution to the music sheet for a long-run learner. It is easy to master the basics of the music sheets a bit of willingness, and determination you can learn the basics of the music sheet. Start from the basics of the music sheet and you can move your way up.

John Rod Dondoyano's arrangement on Until I Found You

The song has string instruments accompanied in the background which enhances the overall music. He uses his own arrangement that accompanies him in the background, with the help of FL Studio 21. When the instrument joined the song it elevated his arrangement to the next level and made the experience closer to the original song and made the song an experience. The song’s tempo is a tad bit slow like a slow ballad. You can check out the music sheet for the song here.

John Rod Dandoyano has very good hand moments when he plays the piano. He does arpeggios which are playing a single note at a time unlike the usual where the keys are generally played at the same time, done excellently in song. The right plays the chorus with a soft hand, so as to blend well with the left hand which is very comforting to the listeners. The video has lyrics to the song as well, so people who want to sing along to the song can do that as well. Because the song is so good in itself that one wouldn’t resist but sing along with the piano.

The song is in three sections, the introduction, the middle and the final conclusion. The first and the final are the same compositions but in his arrangement, the final chorus has a slowed version and a higher pitch than the other chorus, which was a bit different from the original. It sounds soothing and has a fitting ending. The initial verse of the song starts slow, then the tempo picks up along with the strings that enter and the final ends on a slower tempo hence giving the overall satisfied sweet sounding ending. Hence the arrangement is a few seconds longer than the original.

The song being is B flat major gives the ballad and often the old style of music which was then as it is good and convenient for singers. Having this song is breath of fresh air along with its pop is being popular. It is also best for piano players as the hand fits well expedient to play the instrument. If you like the song, you should learn the song and spread the joy with others as well. John Rod Dandoyano's music is absolutely soothing and his variety of music is what is looked forward to on his YouTube channel.

People have various reasons for learning piano and music, such as personal enjoyment, self-expression, self-improvement and as a form of therapy. Love story music and songs are appreciated by many for their emotional impact and ability to revoke feelings of romance and nostalgia. The music can bring back memories and emotions related to past experiences, and its beauty and artistry can bring joy and relation to listeners. This song is perfect for people who are into love songs and can sing and play the song. Make the day of your special ones by learning this for them or for yourself as well. Create your own arrangements around this, go creative. If you like this music sheet and want to see and try other music there are a plethora of options at MyMusicSheet or you can visit So, until you find us again, have Happy Music!


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